Big, Bad, Bugs

Deep Southern

Monsters crept

Palmetto bugs


Gigantic roaches

Large stink bugs

With airfoils on

Their, back legs

Flew further, to be

Even more annoying

Fire ants in giant

Ant hills, bit with

Ferociousness of

The devil himself

Never ever went away

The topper of them all

Was the mole cricket

Weird, burrowing insect

With mole-like front end

Cricket-like back end

A face, not even

A mother could love




Dragonflies are among my favorite insects.  Mainly because they feed on mosquitos.  There have been plenty of mosquitos this summer–just like in 2013, when this was written.


As dragonfly’s
Lives went
Life was good
As, good as
Life, could be

Frequent rainfall
And, an abundance
Of mosquitos
There’d been
A narrow escape
From a predator

This insectian
Acrobat, with
Eyes of
Turquoise blue
Paused, briefly
On a branch

Did dragonflies
Show emotions?
Because, this
Dragonfly, had
A grin, from

–Image, Craig Roberts–

Death Angels

Since this was written two years ago, I’ve learned there are four types of carnivorous plants native to the area.  There are, in addition to pitcher plants, butterworts, sundews, and bladderworts.


Tiger swallowtail

Flitted among a coven

O hooded ultraviolet

Death angels

Guarding portals

To destruction

Ultimate, sweet

Sticky, temptation

Enticed, the uncaring

The unwary

To join them

Along hollowed


Paths of fate

Image, Alabama Nature Conservancy–