Save Room For Last Minute Miscellaneous

Getting rid of attic junk was much worse than I thought. Bruises on my forearms have healed, from sliding heavy boxes down the folding attic stairs. 

This picture was taken before. Found things not seen since we moved in fifteen years ago.  Some things given away, some recycled, sadly, some discarded.

Shedding excess electronics, gadgets, began shortly after the Holidays.  It will end this coming Tuesday, when the movers are here.  There will be two closings this week–one for the house we are leaving on Tuesday, one for the new house on Friday.

There will be no more postings from this location.  It was kind to me, in that, it was a non-stop source of material.  I’ve learned to appreciate the kindness of neighbors during these difficult times.  See everyone on the other side, from a new location in a different part of the country.  

Too Much Junk

Did you ever have too much junk lying about? In the garage. In the attic. In the backyard storage shed.

Add corona virus to the mix, and the following happens. “Sorry, we’re not accepting residential items at this time.” Thank goodness for neighbors and networking.

Down two vacuum cleaners, a spare couch, a coffee table, night stand, and two end tables. My nice neighbor across the street took some smaller items for her church’s rummage sale.

Someone is coming for the table in the breakfast nook, and four chairs. She is also taking the chest freezer from the garage. She happens to be the real estate person that sold our house. Kudos to her on several levels.
The pile of “junk” is slowly being whittled down.

Lost Our Lease

“Lost Our Lease, Going Out Of Business, Relocation Sale.” Some retailers went out of business several times per year.  May 12th is the last day at this location.  

Difficult enough during normal times–remember what that was like? Getting rid of surplus items before moving has been a challenge.

Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Waterfront Rescue Mission–all of these are not accepting donations. Placing items in the front yard with “free” signs worked a few days ago.

May try that again. Last resort, and I don’t wish to do it, is to have refuse collectors dispose of serviceable items.  

How Many More Cookbooks?

Cookbooks in two boxes, already. Oh no there were more still. Couldn’t complain too loudly. I liked things that came from recipes in those cookbooks.

“Why not put some of our unneeded items in the front yard, marked free?” There were two barbecue grills–one charcoal, one a gas grill. Both were quite rusty. An electric smoker grill, the best item in the lot.

Rounding out the rest, were two small vacuum cleaners. The smoker grill went to a neighbor right away. Both vacuum cleaners picked up by neighbors further down the street.

All in all, it was a successful venture. The propane tank was removed from the gas grill and donated to a friend across the street. It was nearly full. The rusty grill carcass will be given for scrap, As well, as the charcoal grill.

Roller Coaster

The last 24 hours have been a series of emotional highs and lows.
We’d made an offer on a beautiful two-story country house. There was trouble beneath the surface.

Thank goodness for home inspections and inspectors. There were numerous issues that needed repaired. Drainage problems, electrical problems, worn-out roofing shingles, and more.

This would have been an endless money pit. We exercised rights of rescission, backed out of the contract.

Lucky for us, we’d previously visited another house. It was a little smaller. With less grass to mow. But, it was newer, and in much better repair. We needed to downsize anyway.

We’ll have to sell some surplus furniture. There’s a couch, sofa-sleeper, coffee table, two end tables, a three-section entertainment cabinet. All in very good shape. All to be posted on FB Marketplace.

Timing Is Everything

After a long day home searching last Thursday, we found something we liked.  Returned Friday evening exhausted. Saturday morning our offer was accepted.

It’s a comfortable two-story house in the country with a wrap-around porch. Previous owners took care of the house and yard well. When we first drove up our realtor remarked it looked like something pictured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

We have to move out of our present home by mid-May so the new owners can move in. Timing could not be worse, because of the Corona virus crisis. Hopefully things will calm enough in May for us to move. If not, both buyers and sellers will be in limbo for a few weeks. Meanwhile, there is plenty of packing to do.

Give Me Shelter

This has been the strangest course of events, I’ve experienced in my lifetime. That’s taking into account, polio, and the associated fears of parents in the forties and fifties. Then, there was the AIDS epidemic. We made it through those events.

It’s not necessary to enumerate the bad behaviors of some. There are ways to cope–even with that. Sheltering in place: It’s not the staying at home part that’s difficult. Just knowing, for health reasons it’s advisable, is enough.

We couldn’t have picked a worse time to put our home up for sale. The first two weeks there were plenty of visitors. The well has since dried up. Social distancing shouldn’t be a problem in this neighborhood. A cold chill has blown through since the “for sale” sign went up in the front yard.

Blog Stoppers

I wanted to blame something or someone. Access to WordPress on my main computer has been blocked since yesterday.

What happened yesterday that was different from routine? Windows 10 updated for three hours yesterday afternoon. Not fair to blame Windows 10 for everything?

That’s probably true. It’s most likely a combination of things–my firewall and Windows 10 incompatibility. This happened before and I blogged on an old PC for three or four years, till it crashed.

My grandson and son-in-law pondered the problem last year. I could blog on the main PC from May 2019 till 2-10-2020. My last resort, the laptop. As long as it keeps working, I’ll be here.

Melancholic Musings

I’ve commented on other posts. Can’t seem to get going with post ideas of my own. What’s significant about that? Probably nothing.  For the record, there were nineteen previous posts about writer’s block on this site.

When writer’s block strikes, getting upset about it is the wrong approach. Read about an automobile salesman that lost his job. Not that I’ve ever had a soft spot in my heart for car dealerships or car sales persons.

What was important, was that this gentleman, reinvented himself and is now doing better than ever. He is a “car concierge.” Works independently with clients to meet their automotive needs–all makes, all brands. He does all the paperwork and negotiations.

I don’t like to see anyone lose their job. I’ve been fired from a job once. It was done the typical way. I had the option, “quit or be fired.” They were shrewd, waited till late afternoon. It turned out best for all concerned. I soon had a better job, with better benefits and pay. Worked there until I retired.