Death Angels

Since this was written two years ago, I’ve learned there are four types of carnivorous plants native to the area.  There are, in addition to pitcher plants, butterworts, sundews, and bladderworts.


Tiger swallowtail

Flitted among a coven

O hooded ultraviolet

Death angels

Guarding portals

To destruction

Ultimate, sweet

Sticky, temptation

Enticed, the uncaring

The unwary

To join them

Along hollowed


Paths of fate

Image, Alabama Nature Conservancy–


reflections, frank abbott

Reflections of
Haunted past
Disappeared into
Desirable future
Above, below
Horizon, over
Hill crests
Winding roads
Fields, footpaths
Washed-out bridges
Played to grief and joy
In cities, countries
Worldwide, until
The unthinkable
Happened, horizon
Disappeared, never
To return again
In this lifetime
Never, in a
Thousand lifetimes
For, far too many
For, far too long
All roads led
To certainties
Of life and death

Image, “Reflections” by Frank Abbott Photography–