Telephone Salvation (Encore Presentation)

seance 2

One size fits all, misfits

Screamed, indulge me!

Make me happy!

Boys from Possum Junction

Veronicas from Pecatonica

Sat around the parlor table

In a séance, for miscreants

Conjured spirits, of

Recently departed ambitions

Contemplated, turning points

Of contention, where, how, when

Relationships went askew

Deliberations, starved

For attention

Couldn’t make up, for

What, wasn’t there

Folded arms–a few stifled yawns later

Cautious glances, at watches

Last words, soon forgotten

Boredom ended, with

Telephone salvation

Indiana Snake Charmers…

Lived in felony colonies

Played in shadows

Hid from the light

Pulled overcoat collars

Up around their scrawny necks

Died slow deaths

Told lies, that never lasted

Made judgement calls

That only made it worse

While crawfish bubbled

Crawfish boiled

This or that wasn’t cool

You were doing it wrong

Nowhere near done

What took you so long?

Try this on for size

If that didn’t beat all?


Who Was I To Judge?

Mammatus clouds

Fat cottontail rabbits

Grazed, unafraid, in lush lawns

Silt fences, prepared for rain

Juvenile humanoids

Papier-mache attaches

Dressed for un-success

Waited at bus stops

Carried fortunes in body art

Some cemented belief systems

Based on notoriety

Exceeded allotments of fun

With witty banter

Who was I to judge?






Oh Brother–What a Bother

Bathrooms and lemonade

Self-loving or self-loathing?

Huddled masses, muddled minds

Bought, sold, traded, guilt or innocence

Cheered when things went their way

Oh Goody, Daddy’s driving drunk again

They said–then coughed, gagged

With fish bones in their collective throats

It was music to their ears

Ears that cared nothing about

Cigar-smoking buffoons

Fat as butterball turkeys

Oh brother–what a bother they were