In Search Of Lost Limericks

Donald knew
If he waited
It would be
Too late
His limericks
Fated to a drawer
Waiting for the day
When pigs flew
Impossible things happened
If he was persistent
He could conjure up
Something, that had
previously never existed?
His mind wandered backward
To when, knights
Rescued distressed
Damsels in castles
And performed
Other feats of derring-do
Then, Donald paused
To ponder the science
Behind everyday appliances

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Went on my monthly visit to the local warehouse, food and domestic supplies store.

The whole process from arrival to departure took only one hour. Not that I’m complaining–just that it was very unusual.

Traffic lights, for the most part were green, instead of the usual red. The Holiday season isn’t that far off.

That’s when people should be jolly, but, instead will be at their worst. No wonder more-and-more people do their shopping on-line.

Maybe the rest of my weekend will be just as enjoyable?

On a Soggy Summer Day

A female cardinal
Walked on the edge
Of the planter box
Outside my window
Squirrels, scurried
Back and forth
Across the lawn
Stealing ripe fruit
From my jelly palm
Their nemesis, Maggie
Was no longer around
To keep them at bay
A banana spider
Big as my palm
Attempted to build
A web across the
Doorway of my barn
Days were shorter
Nights longer
On a soggy
Summer day