Moving Ahead

Getting ready for a trip out of town. It’s supposed to rain as much as ten inches in the next three days because of a tropical weather system.

That’s making for additional preparations. Should I take umbrellas, rain ponchos? A towel to dry off our two mutts that always travel with us? All of these will be likely be taken.

A new pet barrier was installed between the two front seats in the car. Our dogs are too big to be lap dogs while driving. Maggie will probably still poke her nose behind it–as she tends to get bored easily.

Hoping the rain slacks off as we head northward. Some cooler weather, would also be nice.

Raindrop’s Roar

This was the case, again today–to the accompaniment of howling wind.  An encore presentation from two years ago.



The sound

A single raindrop




They roar

Like thunder

On a rainy day


–Image, D. Williams,–


it’s a little spooky in here.  I can see lightning flashes and hear rumbles of thunder.  Should I ride it out or go run and hide?

I’m purging my idea files–to make the bigger ones smaller and the smaller ones bigger.  Does that make any sense?  The file doesn’t want to be disturbed.

That one looks interesting–“Live a Little, Love a Little.”  It’s stacked on top of a dusty pile of miscellaneous musings.  More material to feed the fires of the latest “smarmy fest.”

I get crazy ideas and try them out on readers.  Not that readers are guinea pigs; not for attention, but rather for variety, in hopes they will be liked.

It’s not without risk.  I’ll never be seen on the Jumbo Tron at Yankee Stadium–I’m OK with it.  Sometimes it’s the shortest distance to make a point.  Sometimes I go too far.

Lightning is striking all around me.  So far–there’s no rain.


It didn’t start that way, but ended up as “Wet-Dog Wednesday.  I was bound and determined to grill burgers–come cloudburst or high water.

There’s nothing like the smell of two wet dogs.  I should be thankful they like me enough to hang around.

Yes, I’m crazy enough to carry an umbrella and grill in the rain.  The grill’s under a covered porch–of course.  It’s a hundred foot hike to get there.  Here comes another mini-rainstorm from  two mutts shaking off water.  The burgers smell great.

“Wet-Dog Wednesday”–it’s here, it’s now.  Take your dog for a Wednesday swim–walk in the rain.  It could catch on.


the sun

Searching for my kryptonite on this early Sunday morning; more rain is coming–after a week of the same.  My two dogs are sticking close by my side.  Their disappointed stares pierce my heart.

Thunder rumbles in the distance.  The sky is angry gray.  Ecstatic patio frogs croak with delight.  At least the grass and plants will be happy.

My morning started immersed in European gastronomy at the local IHOP–starting with French toast.  There’s nothing much in the newspaper–except for disaster anniversaries.  Five years since the Macondo Gulf oil well explosion.  Twenty years since the Oklahoma City federal building was bombed.

Who in the “H-E double hockey sticks” really cares whether media darling, Kylie Jenner’s hair is pink, blue, or green?

Negative self-esteem used to be the perceived most important problem among children.  What in the name of self-indulgence is up with “Selfie Sticks?”  Why take pictures of other things?  It’s no wonder there are so many narcissists.

More lightning flashes.  The electric lights are flickering.  How many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb?  I don’t care–as long as I’m not doing it.

The rain is here.  I must tiptoe, so as not to run afoul of shape-shifting social mores, as defined by social media.  There wasn’t a visible sunrise–wishing for a peaceful sunset.




Conditions could not have been worse–torrential rains, with thunder and lightning, didn’t let up the entire day.

Interstate highway lane markers were barely visible.  At times, barely creeping along, rooster tails of water from passing trucks engulfed my car.

There were rivulets of water flowing across the parking lot.  What an introduction to the French Quarter and New Orleans, for my visiting friends.  Recently purchased yellow rain ponchos were immediately employed.  After a quick jog across the parking lot splashing through standing water; we reconnoitered inside a nearby mall.

Making day trip plans in advance is a gamble.  It became a day of exploring neighborhoods–people watching, via streetcars and public transportation.  Near the end of the St. Charles line, an inebriated woman, with a bottle of her favorite adult beverage in a paper bag, engaged passers-by in unsolicited, spirited conversations.  A young woman with an umbrella tried to ignore her.

At the same stop was another young lady with a device strapped to her ankle.  My imagination went to work.  She was under house arrest?  Her ankle monitor could was about to go off?  Would the NOPD show up–take her into custody?  My friend, suggested it was probably a physical therapy device.  I was more suspicious–something clandestine had to be going on.

Driving through the French Quarter wasn’t the same as walking through it.  I felt sorry for the homeless people taking shelter in vacant storefronts.  A couple of them were amused by our bright yellow rain ponchos.   We looked like four yellow ducks.  The street performers weren’t out, neither were the colorful mule-drawn carriages.

We met some nice visitors from the New England area.  We joked about parts of the Big Easy being under sea level.  They got off at the Harrah’s casino stop.

Decisions had been influenced by weather conditions the entire day.  The restaurant, near the parking lot, was a pleasant surprise.  The waiter, in my opinion, had a passing resemblance to the actor that portrays the “David Lee” character on “The Good Wife”–minus the cynicism.

Weather conditions weren’t the least bit kind.  The Big Easy, whetted my appetite for another visit; to taste more of what this wonderful city has to offer.  And, the barbecued shrimp entree, (which I’d never tried before), was delightful.