“Is everybody happy?” A question asked frequently during vaudeville days. To which, a few “no’s” would come from the audience. The same response would be true with happiness songs. Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy, Pharrell William’s song about “what happiness means to you” was more recent.


Happiness songs don’t

Make everybody happy

I’m unhappy that

Advertisers overuse

Happiness songs

Maybe some individuals

Prefer to be unhappy

If they so desire?

Perhaps a Constitutional

Amendment to insure their

Life, Liberty, and pursuit

Of unhappiness would help?

Why do some people

Say “Merica instead

Of America to appear

Cool and hip?

Something else to add

To my growing “to do” list

Aspire to become

More cool and hip

Right now–I don’t feel it!

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An adventure with the first grandchild, recalled on this Father’s Day 2019.


How high’s the water, mama?

Three feet high and rising

How high’s the water, Mama?

Six feet high and rising…

–Johnny Cash–

“Get up!  Get out!  Go to higher ground!  The river is already over the low water bridge,” came the dire warning–accompanied by a loud knock on the trailer door.

My concentration was shot all to heck after being awakened brutally at two in the morning.  My wife grabbed our three-year-old grandson–still in pajamas.  Essentials were packed as quickly as possible–clothesline and barbecue grill left behind.

Swift river water lapped the edge of the campsite.  Trees yielded to the sledgehammer force of mighty floodwaters with loud cracks and pops.  Darkness added to the terror.  It was still raining.

Led out of the campground, somewhere in the middle of a caravan.  All of us were now wide-awake.  Water stood everywhere in low spots.  Park rangers directed us to a campground road…

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Hoorah, Hooray–It’s Opening Day

An update. So far, the amusement park hasn’t been a problem. There are two more stop lights on main thoroughfares. I happen to like the “Downtown,” non-amusement part, with meandering walkways, shops, fountains, and restaurants.


The new amusement park down the road will officially open today. Will it be a rousing success, or a dismal failure?

Even though it could turn out to be a local traffic nightmare, I’m hoping this venture succeeds. I’m not into roller coasters and things that spin me around. I like my equilibrium more each day, as I age.

Last night the fireworks could be clearly heard from my house three miles away. Hoping the screams of thrill seekers aren’t equally as loud.

–image, fox10tv.com–

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No Alarm Bells Going Off in My Head

It’s obviously not Saturday. The foolishness mentioned in the last two paragraphs continues. FB quizzes, for willing participants–10 best , 10 worst, can you ID the following? Some, or most are phishing schemes, to reach and spam you–where you happen to be.


This has been a quiet Saturday. There was a ninety per cent chance of rain predicted. I’m looking out from the ten per cent side of that prediction.

Rain would possibly have made it more comfortable, than the over eighty per cent dew point. So much for meteorological chit- chat.

What does one do when there’s nothing in particular to write about? Write about why there are no subjects about which to write. There are many topics–some of them I won’t touch.

I repaired the vacuum cleaner this morning.  Did that get your attention?  I certainly hope it didn’t.  Two dogs in the household with associated hair clumps, tortured the poor machine almost to oblivion.

Do you dislike posts on Facebook that call for participation? Copy and paste this–otherwise you are an insensitive, boorish, non-believing hypocrite, or some other (fill-in-blank) foolishness. Subjects repeated in a closed loop, eight-track tape fashion…

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Being a Caregiver

Being a caregiver is full of challenges.  My sympathies to those caught up in bureaucratic red tape on a regular basis.  Dealing with doctors, hospitals, medical clinics is time consuming, and frustrating.

At the lab, we were recently turned away, because the phlebotomist couldn’t find the diagnosis code on medical forms.  A trip back to the orthopedist’s office.  There a nurse pointed out, the code had been there all the time.  Back to the lab for the second time.

Not that I haven’t had past caregiving experience.  It was just five years ago that my spouse suffered a severe wrist fracture.  We made it through.  That time she was mobile.  This time, with a fractured pelvis, she is dependent on the use of a walker.

Handicapped parking spaces are now important.  My wife has started getting out and about.  Some local restaurants and businesses are more friendly, to handicapped persons than others.

It had been at least 35 years since I last visited a Waffle House.  I think it was on a vacation trip to Orlando, Florida.  It hadn’t changed much in all those years.  Waffle House restaurants–you either love them or hate them.

On line restaurant reviews weren’t always truthful.  A local downtown diner/greasy spoon, was a disappointment.  The food was mediocre. The place cramped and dingy.  Prices were too high.


Salute to a Friend

The world seems a little colder, since my good friend Joe passed, three years ago. In remembrance of you, my friend.


My heart hurts today.  Good friend, best man at my wedding, “Uncle Joe” Cikan, passed away last evening after a long illness.  I will be gone for a few days to attend the funeral.

We met in late 1970, at Sheppard AFB, Med Services tech school.  From there, to Rhein-Main AB, Germany, where we were barracks roommates.

Both of us were Illinois born and raised–a long way from home.  I understood Joe’s absurd, wacky sense of humor.  There was nothing I enjoyed more than playing off his amusing anecdotes.

Joe had a lot of nervous energy–couldn’t sit still.  I can still hear him walking in stocking feet–heels pounding the floor.

That pent-up energy made Joe a wonderful house guest.  As hosts, we were delighted, to find the place tidied, and the laundry done up.

I saw a little of both parents in Joe: a coarse, gruff sense of humor, from dad, Stan; kindness…

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