Somewhere Past Nashville

For those of us that are sometimes road-weary.


A beautiful morning

Just another day

Twenty miles from nowhere

Crowded streets of mind

Familiar truth resounded

Green rolling meadows

Horses chased shadows

Sweet tea, lemonade

Trees, lots of shade

There my heart ran free

Looked for redemption

Forgiveness never came

Journey never ended

Why did it always rain?

Somewhere past Nashville

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Getting My Ears Lowered…

An unusual expression, that meant getting a haircut. Instead of wondering what to write about. I’m taking my advice, and just writing.

Along with “all things in moderation.” I believe in “live and let live.” What’s between one’s ears is really what matters. In other words–attitude is everything.

When this is published, it will be the 25th. The commemoration of my 70th birthday.

“Did you know that thirty members of your graduating high school class are deceased?” My sister chimed in, recently.

“No, I didn’t. If you were trying to cheer me up. It’s not working.”

“Do you write about anything/everything that pops into your head?”

“Heavens no. Just about some of the things I find interesting.”

“Do you remember going to bed with bubble gum in your mouth? Then, mom cutting the gum globs from your hair with scissors?” I asked.

“Yes, so what? Cousin Margie, did the same thing.”  One of the reasons parents despised bubblegum.

We were warned not to swallow chewing gum. It would accumulate and clog our digestive systems. I don’t chew gum any longer.  I’ve made it through three-score and ten–swallowed gum and all.


All about strength of character–aging gracefully.


wind in her hairDays ended
Days began
Familiar friends

Mere gratitude
She didn’t need
To crow’s feet
Laugh lines, she
Paid, no heed

Draped in clothes
Of finest green
Graceful, when
Awake, and
In repose

Breezes, came
And, went away
Tossed, her
Crown, of
Glorious gray

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I’ve been away for a few days, due to circumstances beyond my control.

The planned trip to the “Big Easy” didn’t turn out to be easy in most respects.

Sometimes complications get in the way of human interaction. That’s all I’m at liberty to say at this point.

New Orleans, especially the French Quarter, is gritty, grimy, and out-of-control at times. We took a couple that had never been–and they were a little shocked at the realism.

Anyway, we made it back–last night at nine PM. It’s been hotter than normal for this time of year. The effects of which were felt by all participants.

Too much activity packed into one day.  Good night!