Dear Occupant

Step away

From the nostalgia posts

And no one will get hurt!

Said my conscience

Try something different

Dear Occupant

Was as personal

As this conversation

With my conscience

Was going to get

Arguing with one’s conscience

Never worked before

If I were lucky, a truce

Would be worked out

Those were pitiful

Attempts at humor

Remember humor?

What about just a few more

Slipped in–now and then?

Don’t overdo it!

Here’s what always works

What always worked?

What was sure fire?

Self-deprecating humor

That’s what

Knowing you

You’ll probably

Overdo that, too

Subtle Innuendos

What did it mean to dream about found money?  Angry Rorschach blobs?

That was Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta’ Love,” by the Hollyridge Strings.  More easy listening favorites after news, sports, and weather.

This is Nick Bumpus, your host for “Mellow in the Morning.” Coming up–“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” “What’s Love Got To Do With It?,” “Love Can Make You Happy,” “Love Stinks.”  Don’t go away–join me after the break–won’t you?

What this all means, is today I’m not loving this blogging thing so much.  Ideas are not flowing freely–not that they ever did, anyway.  I’ve enjoyed reading and commenting on other posts about as much as anything.

It’s Only Thursday

It’s not the first time in a long time that blog traffic has been down.  More traffic passes down my country road at midnight, than there’s been here lately.

Can you tell I’ve been reading the spam that comes across my web page?  Ad after ad for things to buy I already have or don’t need.

People are fickle, and if I haven’t caught their attention in the first five seconds–the opportunity was wasted.  There’s a news flash.

I refuse to humiliate myself for the entertainment of others–although that might gain some readers.

Watching cat videos for the last six minutes is as low as I care to go.  Was that humiliating enough for you?


Modern Suburban Fable #5

Bent over grannies with bloomers

Woodsmen that chopped

Wood, with the wind

Concrete frogs, lizards with bright painted spots

Colored rocks, fake boat docks

Red birds, blue birds, and one strange

Bird–that looked a lot like a buzzard

Front lawn props that outdid Disney’s Small World

It was rumored there were still more to come

Pieces of the past–flags, patriotic streamers

An old man’s memories of good times

That should have lasted longer

Begged to be understood