“Sam” On the Lam (A Favorite True Story)

Image how awkward, this must have been to explain, four years ago. It could have gone something like this.

“There’s a large bird in my yard. I think it’s an emu.”

“An emu?”

“Yes, an emu.”

“How’d it get there?”

“Don’t have any idea. I guess it walked from somewhere–since emus don’t fly.”


A lone emu, walked, pecked
Among cornstalks in farm country
Wide-open spaces
An unusual animal
Not seen everyday

Where’d it come from?
Was this emu on the lam?
Did it have a name?
Perhaps, “Sam,” if it’s a him
Or, “Samantha,” if it’s a her

“Sam” caused quite a stir
Around these parts
But, country folk
Had big hearts

A kindly person
Took him (or her) in
Provided a temporary home
For “Sam” on the lam
However, it’s still not known

Whether, “Sam” escaped
From the zoo
Or, was “Sam” an orphaned emu
With wanderlust–that nobody wanted
It’s still a mystery–because no one knew

–Image, story idea from Craig Roberts–

First Day Of School

County schools opened today.  Kids lined up for yellow buses everywhere.  It seemed too early–weather was still too hot for school.

Did teachers ask students to write compositions about what they did on summer vacation, to then be read aloud in front of the class?  I dreaded every new school year because of this.

Of course, the other elephant in the room, was the eclipse.  Compared to drama in other parts of the country, it was a non-event here.  The sun went in-and-out of clouds so much, it was hard to tell what was eclipse, and what wasn’t.

What had I done on summer vacation?  The question answered with shoulder shrugs and general indifference.  There were some things one didn’t ‘fess up to.

The truth was–I went to the creek with my brother.  Skipped rocks and committed numerous infractions.  Going to the creek was forbidden.  Skipped vespers at church camp with a partner-in-crime.  Sworn to secrecy.  I could have been excommunicated; or something worse if my parents found out.



Nothing To Say?

I’ve always got something to say. Just don’t want to give opinions on some things.

National and international news has been dismal of late. Trying to take the high road–not add to the divisiveness.

Love bugs seem to be back early this late summer. Weren’t they supposed to show in September? Maybe they will leave early?

Why are love bugs important? They’re not if you don’t live in the coastal southeastern United States–or, if you go on vacation to this part of the country. Their acidic dead bodies, can damage paint on the front of your car, if not removed promptly.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been without a car. No worries, I can bum rides from neighbors. till the car is released from the auto body shop.

Isn’t it crazy how all the tasks requiring an automobile flood one’s mind. So, I mowed the lawn. Now, I’m too exhausted to think about it..

Talk Is Cheap (Caring Is Expensive)

Re-blog from September 2013 about confidence, betrayal, self-doubt.


Daylight faded early
With the onset of winter
Self-doubts from deepest
Recesses of the mind, crept
In, under cover of darkness

The only light, came from
A night stand alarm clock
Self-absorption, imploded
Like slow-motion destruction
Of a high-rise building

Meanwhile, miscreants
With cast-iron souls
Shamelessly, self-promoted
Headed over the falls
In leaky boats

Blindsided by fear
He died a little each day
The smile façade
Concealed a grimace
Talk was cheap
Caring was expensive