Our country is chock-full of hamlets with strange names. There is a Toothache Creek nearby. Pioneers had different ways of looking at things.


frog's landing

What did people do

In small, funny named hamlets?

Same as me and you

–Image/Frank Abbott Photography–

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Small Talk Monday

What’s new?

Oh, I don’t know

What’s new with you?

Ain’t nothing to it.

How about you?

Now, that the old business was out of the way.

Did you hear about the Chicago barber offering spray-on beards?

No, was it the same as spray-on hair?

Not quite, but almost the same.

For those that couldn’t wait, or couldn’t grow their own.

If I couldn’t grow the real thing, I would just as soon do without.

What Did Lingonberries Have To Do With Anything?

Heads with nothing in them
Had lots to say
Why were days so long?
Why did all my friends
Have white beards?
No answers
Only groans–and
Excuses for puns
Stand up straight
For perfect pasta
Iraq, paper, scissors
Down bubble, half-bubble
Lingonberries were a
Big thing in Sweden
Or so, I’ve heard

When Believing Was Easy

An encore post about when believing was easy.


Bumped around the house

Stumbled into things

You’d think he’d be used to it by now

Beautiful harmonies rang out

There was nobody there

Not like long ago

When music was everywhere

Life was gritty and hard

Lord–did that clock

Have to tick so loud?

Believing was easy

Bereft of emotion

He hung on to her every word

Like a drowning man

Wished he were stronger

And the days were longer

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Breaking News

I was bored in a small town
All my friends were bored
In their own small towns
Were you bored
In your small town, too?
Abysmal, but not unusual
In Anytown, USA
Mr. and Mrs. America
We interrupt this
Magical scene
For more primal screams
Confusion, delusions, delights
Live, in your living rooms
Endless power struggles
Ratings sweeps weeks
New developments
With more to come later
Your indulgence begged
Breaking news?
Small towns
Weren’t that bad
After all




Old Man Noises

My body’s making too many old man noises this morning. I’m not talking about the gross, disgusting ones; although, they’re there, too.

In additional to the usual, there’s sneezing, sniffling, coughing, throat-clearing, from seasonal allergies.

Do you know anyone with a distinct sneeze? My mother’s sneezes had a dainty scream at the end. I’ve known those that ended their “aah-choos” with added syllables–sort of like, “aah-choo-hooey, or “phooey.” Of course some were wont to add obscenities.

There are also distinctive laughs.  That’s another subject for another time.  Except for the asthmatic belly laugh, that I call the “old man laugh.”  A cartoon character, as I recall, had that same laugh.

Little grunts and groans when kneeling, squatting, reaching down for something are examples of old man noises. My right elbow occasionally pops when flexed. I can hear it, so I know others could as well. It would be embarrassing if someone called my attention to it. I would simply explain that it was from a healed fracture–which would most likely gross them out more.

My old man noises and myself get along most of the time.  Except when they all speak at once and attempt to drown each other out.  I would rather keep them to myself.  Thank goodness I was out before anyone else was awake this morning.