Wheels On the Bus

Yellow school buses are running once again. It seems too early for school to begin. Heat and humidity prevails.

Parents were waiting with their kids. Some youngsters were well-dressed. Must have been their first school bus rides to kindergarten or first grade.

One young fellow’s black and white puppy followed him to the bus stop. His mom came to the rescue.

First days of school–glad to see some traditions never changed.

Lefties Unite

It’s National Left-Handers Day. Not a big deal to most folks.

To those in that ten percent, it has been a matter of coping in a right-handed world.

In case you haven’t already guessed, I’m left-handed. My hands had ink stains when writing on paper; chalk dust from writing on blackboards; notebook’s steel coils were on the “wrong side.”

Scissors: I learned to cut right-handed. School desks with arms on the right side–I sat sideways.

I found it amusing, when non-lefties commented, “I don’t understand how you can write, upside down, and backwards.”

It’s always been a challenge to cope in a right-handed world.  Fellow lefties, stand and be proud!

What a Month It Has Been

Technically, the time period from July 4th holiday, till the present.

The weirdest, was the synthesized voice left on our machine one afternoon.

“Your computers, computer wireless network, passwords, are being held hostage. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx immediately, or your information, files, will be irretrievable.”

I wasn’t born yesterday, or the day before, either. Like other unsolicited telemarketing calls, it was ignored.  My important stuff is backed up on other media–anyway.

Vacation Update

Never thought about the significance of reading the book mentioned in this post from last year. Was it coincidence? Judge for yourself–I don’t think it was.

Quotes from the book: “The love between humans and dogs is not the same as the love between humans. We love our own differently, sometimes better and sometimes worse than we love our dogs. The bond between man and dog is unencumbered by much of the baggage we bring to a human relationship. In short, dogs make us better human beings.”


Still away from home base. Visited family in NW Ohio and scratched visiting the Air Force Museum off my bucket list.

Don’t very often take time to read books. Reading a book, given to me by my brother, about dogs and their special relationships with humans.

“Always By My Side” by Edward Grinnan, is a good read. The gist of it, we humans can learn a lot about ourselves from our canine companions.

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From Where the Kudzu Grows

Infectious perfume when in bloom. Invasive species, nobody wanted, once let in.


Friendships or acquaintances?  God grant me the wisdom to distinguish between the two.

They came and went over the years.  Names, places, remembered in bits and pieces.

Things I thought would last–didn’t.  Things never expected to last, persevered.

Was the glass half-full or half-empty?  Who cared?  In either case, the glass was not full, and was less than adequate.

Her beauty slapped me in the face–hard as a dead fish.  Covered in a kudzu gown, with roots that still dripped dirt. Beauty an illusion that came from within.  Reality never knocked–always let itself in.

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