Stuck On Rewind

One of the worst days of my life. Tripped, fell backward, fractured my right elbow while on the job. It was my fault for not being more careful.

Even worse, were the questions following the incident. “What happened to you? Broke your elbow, eh? How come no cast?” “It wasn’t a complete fracture, so the doctor gave me a sling.”

“Are you on light duty?” “Of course,” I answered. “Until the orthopedist releases me.” That should have been obvious.

Questions from the company were expected. It always came to the final question. “What could you have done to prevent this accident from happening?’ I wanted to give an impertinent answer, but, didn’t dare. “Well, I could have not come to work today.”

Two and a half months to completely heal. That was twenty years ago. I imagine the healing time would be even greater today.

Beets Beat Kale?

And the beets go on. Give me the beets and free my soul, I want to get lost in your rock and roll. Sorry, for the bad puns.


Deep red root vegetable.  Not on too many kid’s favorite vegetable lists.  Who grew up liking pickled beets?  …Harvard beets?  …Creamed beets?  As a kid, I liked the earthy flavor of beets.

King Kale has certainly had its brush with fame.  Touted in all corners of the known nutritional universe.  Will beets provide the knockout punch and dethrone the king?

Beets are high in iron, vitamins, and minerals.  Aunt Margaret’s beet soufflé, brought to family gatherings was politely tasted–nobody wanted to hurt her feelings.  Her scratch-made cakes more than made up for it.

Still wouldn’t eat a beet on a bet?  There are beet supplements, dried beet chips, beets disguised in veggie drinks.  Beets are good for you, according to  Beets were originally grown for their edible green, red-veined tops.

  1. Beets lower blood pressure.
  2. Beets boost stamina.  Drinking beet juice before workouts is suggested.
  3. Beets have anti-cancer properties.
  4. Beets are rich in nutrients and fiber.
  5. Beets…

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Naming Game

Tonight, the CFP championship, Super Bowl coming soon. All stadiums. college bowl games have corporate sponsors. Everything’s for sale?


It’s not a new idea–sports venues named for corporate sponsors, and more importantly for financial remuneration.  I’ve lost track of how many bowl games there are–all with corporate sponsorship.  Governmental bodies, on all levels are strapped for cash.

Why not name public facilities for corporations?  …National parks and monuments?  It’s already been suggested in several states.  What corporations/products would be naturals for certain monuments? These are logical progressions.  Logical, if you don’t spend too much time thinking about them.  Here are a few suggestions–no disrespect intended.

  • Lincoln Memorial–Lincoln motorcars
  • Niagara falls–Kohler plumbing fixtures
  • Capitol Building, Washington, DC–Capital One
  • Pentagon Building–FCA Chrysler Motors, pentastar symbol fits perfectly
  • St. Louis Gateway Arch–Archway Cookies
  • Devil’s Tower National Monument–Underwood Deviled Ham
  • Rocky Mountain National Park–Chevy trucks, “Like a Rock”
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park–Little Smokies, smoky link sausages
  • Everglades National Park–Glade air fresheners
  • Grand Canyon National Park–Pillsbury’s “Grands” biscuits

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Perils Of the Digital Age

The good old days exist only in the minds of those that lived through them. This is the digital age–for better or worse.

For someone preparing to move, lack of newspapers for packing dishes and glassware, is annoying. Digital newspapers are of no help in this regard.

Oh, digital device please comfort me in my hour of need. I have no old newspapers, my neighbors have none. The solution: Blank sheets of newsprint–the same material used by old-fashioned newspapers, tossed in your front yard, before the morning sun arose.

Oh well, I had to pay delivery and subscription fees for printed pages. A stack of blank newsprint was less expensive. Maybe blank newsprint is healthier? Gluten free?  I’m feeling much better now.

When Good Intentions Go Astray

Sixteen years of clutter.  The beginning of a long, tedious process. Documents, papers with personal information to the shredder. Discarded, outdated electronics to the recycler.

Seasonal clean-up day, sponsored by a nearby city, our electric utility.  I’ve never made it to one of these free recycling events.  This one was scheduled for today, until the weather turn a turn.  Tornado and storm warnings for most of the day.

The event has been rescheduled for next Saturday.  Lets hope for the best.  Unloading and reloading the car won’t be fun.  For now, the clutter will stay.

Mother Road

Visited a later alignment section of old 66 near Staunton, IL August 2018. Remember driving the old road many times. Two of the four lanes were blocked of with piles of dirt by the state highway department.


Brick-paved section of Rt. 66, near Auburn, Illinois.  Exploring by-ways, old links to the past are a passions of mine.

North Broad Street, became Rt. 66, as it left the city limits.  The pavement was narrow–one car had to drop off on the shoulder to pass.  A highway designed for the Model T Ford era.  Cars got bigger, faster, motorists demanded better highways.

The 1926–1930 alignment of the Mother Road wound through the central part of the county where I grew up.  Parts of it were narrow–seemed to follow property lines.  Two boys–who shall remain nameless, enjoyed driving to Springfield around the ninety degree corners in their fifties-era, Corvette sports car.  They weren’t the Rt. 66 television show guys–but tried to act like it.

Hope I’m alive and in good health in 2026 to enjoy  the Rt. 66 centennial celebration.  There’s pending legislation to fund the celebration–“The Route 66 Centennial Commission Act”–HR 66, sponsored by Rodney Davis, Rep. from Illinois. …

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Clear Days & Fog-Shrouded Thoughts

Bless me or curse me. It’s been [five], no, six days since my last post.

No particular reason. Getting started was the hardest thing.
Here’s what I had to work with–miscellaneous titles, with nothing following.  Wasn’t “jambs,” as in door jambs, a strange word?  It rhymed with lambs.  “Silence of the Jambs?”  No, that was too weird.

Gravel Gertie
Kick Out the Jambs
Long Shadows

When the mental fog dissipated, how could I have forgotten an event over the holidays?  As some of you may know, I crave omelets for breakfast.  To the extent, that I taught myself how to make them.  The highest praise came from my wife.  “Your omelets were better than mine.”

That was before reality “hit the fan.”  Per Dr. “Killjoy” “Your cholesterol is way too high.  Don’t eat eggs every day.  How about some cereal and fresh fruit?”  I gave in, at the doctor’s and my wife’s insistence.  Egg consumption, only on Sunday mornings.  Vacations are an exception.

Recently my joy was eroded.  How could the server have misinterpreted my omelet order?  A traditional Western omelet consisted of ham, tomatoes, onions, Monterey Jack cheese, and green peppers.

After a difficult nine hour drive the day before, and arriving late, it was going to be great.  Everyone in our party of nine chatted incessantly at the table.  My omelet came out last.

Three pancakes on a separate plate came first–as expected.  Then, the shocker–the omelet was covered with chopped broccoli.  Chopped broccoli?  Where had that idea come from?  Yikes!  There was even more broccoli inside.

It was too late for do-overs.  Everyone else was almost finished, and I didn’t want to delay, what would be a short visit, before heading home on the last leg of our journey.

“That was a first.” I complained to our waiter.  He seemed puzzled.  “I’ve never seen  a broccoli omelet before.”  “I can have them make you another one,” He offered.  “No, it’s too late,” I replied.  I liked broccoli, just not in omelets.