Knock-Knock Who’s There…

Knock-knock who’s there?

Knick-knacks, knackwurst

Don’t like it?  Don’t knock it

Tired punchlines–nobody cared

Lost among receding hairlines

Expanding waistlines

Figures of speech

Nobody under thirty understood

Fedora hats replaced

By baseball caps worn backward

By those aspiring to be hip and cool

Gomer Pyle, Satch from the Bowery Boys

Sported askew caps and portrayed fools


That Blowed Up Real Good

film-farm-report-john-candyIn the words of Billy Sol Hurok, from SCTV, played by the late, great, John Candy.

In so far as, things didn’t blow up as much in the good old days; mainly because there were no smart phones; nor were there hoverboards.  We had washing machines, but they weren’t prone to exploding.

Pinto cars had exploding gas tanks.  Corvairs were deemed unsafe by Ralph Nader.  A lot of us drove those cars every day.

I’ve been busy running errands all day and I simply have nothing to write–except about things blowing up.

Almost Forgotten Cartoons #10

This cartoon featured a lion, monarch of the mythical kingdom of Bongo Congo.  King Leonardo, was somewhat inept, and aided by his wiser cohort–Odie Cologne, who happened to be skunk.

Villains, Biggie Rat and Itchy Brother, conspired to cause mayhem and take over the kingdom.  Their voices were portrayed like those of classic movie villains–Edward G. Robinson and others; which I found amusing.

Almost Forgotten Cartoons #8

Tennessee Tuxedo, a bow-tied penguin, had Chumley, a dull-witted, walrus sidekick.  Which is, allegedly, where Chumlee, from Pawn Stars, got his unflattering nickname.  The dashing duo escaped from the clutches of zoo director, Stanley Livingstone, to go on adventures.

Chumley, went along with Tennessee Tuxedo’s wacky schemes, because that was what dull-witted sidekicks were supposed to do.