Wrong Way Willies

After getting lost, making a few wrong turns, I learned to appreciate Australia’s many roundabouts. Never thought I’d ever say that.

Because I’m older, I’ve never learned to completely trust electronic devices. For that reason, there were many arguments over GPS directions–which seemed incorrect to me.

Several times I was right. The most glaring example, early morning Thursday, on the way back to Melbourne airport. GPS threw in an unexpected exit from the inner city freeway. I followed it through, because I was tired of arguments with my spouse.

GPS sent us to Crown Casino at six in the morning. How this was connected to Melbourne International Airport, I’ll never know. I suggested entering Hertz Airport Rent A Car, and everything got back on track.

Australia was a mixture of the familiar, and the unfamiliar. McDonalds restaurants were everywhere. Not a surprise, they had them when I was previously in Germany. Burger King restaurants, were called Hungry Jacks.

There were no Wal-Marts. Although, there were K-Marts and Target stores.  No Dollar Stores, no Poundland stores–like in the UK.  There were “Rejects” stores.  Which may have been off-price merchandise stores?  I liked no-tipping in restaurants. Tips and all taxes were included in meal prices. You paid by table number, no waiting for restaurant checks.

Weather nerds will appreciate that circulation around low pressure systems was clockwise. Circulation around high pressure systems was counter-clockwise. Water circulated clockwise down drains.

I concluded, that If I lived in my daughter’s neighborhood, which was on a hillside, I would be much healthier. Going to and from the mailbox and trash bins, was quite a workout.

I’ll miss the unique local bird species–parakeets, cockatoos, and kookaburras, that hung around mornings and evenings.


Dragonflies are among my favorite insects.  Mainly because they feed on mosquitos.  There have been plenty of mosquitos this summer–just like in 2013, when this was written.


As dragonfly’s
Lives went
Life was good
As, good as
Life, could be

Frequent rainfall
And, an abundance
Of mosquitos
There’d been
A narrow escape
From a predator

This insectian
Acrobat, with
Eyes of
Turquoise blue
Paused, briefly
On a branch

Did dragonflies
Show emotions?
Because, this
Dragonfly, had
A grin, from

–Image, Craig Roberts–


We’ve had a lot of storms lately, like four years ago, when this was written.


Streaked, time

Lapsed stars



Cloud castles

That, bubbled

In a boiling

Mass, destined

For destruction

Torn apart

By, jagged

Flashes, of



Rain drops

In, hot



Night sky

–Photo by Wayne Cloud–WX–