Saturday, No Muss, No Fuss

Today, I no longer look like a blowfish with squinty eyes. Ready to take on whatever Saturday brings.

I like old dogs.  Noah, is the senior neighbor dog, mostly golden retriever, from across the street.  Noah’s parent works during the day.  Thursday and Friday I had the privilege of letting him out.

I’m like his substitute parent, anyway.  He’s stayed over many times.  Once, I rolled over, put my arm around something furry.  It surprised me–as my dogs didn’t sleep in our bed.

He’s about the same age as my German Shepherd, that I lost in 2011.  They were good friends.  I’ve often wondered how things would have turned out–had he lived?

Vacation Update

Still away from home base. Visited family in NW Ohio and scratched visiting the Air Force Museum off my bucket list.

Don’t very often take time to read books. Reading a book, given to me by my brother, about dogs and their special relationships with humans.

“Always By My Side” by Edward Grinnan, is a good read. The gist of it, we humans can learn a lot about ourselves from our canine companions.

The Max Butt Slap (An Update)

Super Bowl 51 coverage will overshadow everything today.  Local favorite son, Julio Jones, is the only reason for me to favor Atlanta over the Patriots.  I wish both teams luck. 

From two years ago–a secret play called the “Max Butt Slap.” Will either of these teams employ it this year?  We’ll find out later today.


I’m Brad Fussberger, reporting on one of the most unusual sports stories of my career.  Just when the “Deflategate” brouhaha started to fade, this reporter, learned from a reliable source; that one of the Super Bowl teams is rumored to have a strange, secret weapon this year.  Is it Pete Carroll’s Seattle Seahawk’s, or veteran Super Bowl winner, Bill Belichick’s, New England Patriots?

Like myself, when I first heard about it; some of you might think; oh well–this is just another, strange, seldom-used, triple-reverse, gadget play.  Or some crazy throwback, flying wedge defense.  Well, it’s none of those things–it’s hard-hitting football.

The maneuver is called the “Max Butt Slap.”  And it’s not at all like the celebratory hand slap to the backside.  It involves a defensive player spinning his body around; bowed at the waist, and hitting someone butt first.  It’s a move, not unlike karate, or kick boxing.  The full weight of the buttocks, aided by centrifugal force, delivered, with the force of a battering ran, against the opposing player.

“Where’d the idea come from, Brad?”  The name and play came from an Australian Blue Heeler, Named Max.  Max’s owner, who requested to remain anonymous, told me, “Since Max’s lost weight–he’s been friskier.  He’s “Butt Slapped” our other dog, Maggie, repeatedly, across the backyard.  So far, she’s not “Butt Slapped” him back.  Max has successfully “Butt Slapped” at nearby dog parks.

Right away I wondered–why couldn’t this move be used in pro football?  Nobody could have been more shocked, than I was, when one of the teams was interested.  I’ve signed a legally binding agreement not to reveal any details about which team it was.

It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how the “Max Butt Slap” plays out this Sunday in Super Bowl XLIX.  So far, the league hasn’t had anything to say.  Will one of the teams “Butt Slap” their way to victory?  With the “Puppy Bowl,” and “Butt Slap” combined–has XLIX  gone to the dogs?  If this works, then professional football, will have advanced to the rear.



Way Off Broadway

Ten in the morning

Right on time

At the express bus stop

Pigeons cared nothing

About human punctuality

Head-bobbed,  with slouched

Groucho Marx silly walks

Around trash cans, benches

Alerted to handouts, shoo-offs

Crafty crows, cawed their disdain

Enterprising crow shook out

Corn chip feast from half-eaten bag

Somewhere way off Broadway