Chicken’s Way Out? Or, If You Prefer–Way Out Chicken

Canadian investigators for CBC by DNA testing, recently found Subway’s oven-roasted chicken to be only 53.6% actual chicken.  The rest was made up of soy fillers.  Their chicken strips turned out to contain even less–at 42.8%.

Other popular fast-food outlets–including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, A&W, and Tim Horton’s, scored in the mid to high eighty percent range.

Subway spokesperson, Kevin Kane, withheld comment, pending further investigation.

Should this be a big deal?  For decades, mystery meats have been universally compared to chicken.  “Don’t worry about it.  Soy protein’s good–tastes like chicken.”


–Natalie O’Neill, for Market Watch–

A Minor Inconvenience

At the beginning of each new month, since last year, I go to the clinic for a vitamin B-12 shot.  The wait isn’t long–and as much as I despise getting poked with needles–it doesn’t really hurt.

This took place after results of my last physical examination.  My B-12 level was extremely low.  As it turned out, vitamin B-12 deficiency, in persons over 50 isn’t that uncommon.

A history of taking medicines to control acid reflux had something to do with it.  Not taking acid blockers, would be worse than the shots.  The B-12 supplements I’d been taking were apparently a waste of money–since my system couldn’t absorb them.

Deficiencies of B-12 can have nasty consequences–including dizziness, skin problems, blood problems.  Vegans, of which I am not, are prone to B-12 deficiencies.  This deficiency can mimic signs and symptoms of dementia.

Reason enough to make the monthly trip and get stuck in the arm.  The co-pay is only a dollar–small price to pay for good health.

Beets Beat Kale?

Deep red root vegetable.  Not on too many kid’s favorite vegetable lists.  Who grew up liking pickled beets?  …Harvard beets?  …Creamed beets?  As a kid, I liked the earthy flavor of beets.

King Kale has certainly had its brush with fame.  Touted in all corners of the known nutritional universe.  Will beets provide the knockout punch and dethrone the king?

Beets are high in iron, vitamins, and minerals.  Aunt Margaret’s beet soufflé, brought to family gatherings was politely tasted–nobody wanted to hurt her feelings.  Her scratch-made cakes more than made up for it.

Still wouldn’t eat a beet on a bet?  There are beet supplements, dried beet chips, beets disguised in veggie drinks.  Beets are good for you, according to  Beets were originally grown for their edible green, red-veined tops.

  1. Beets lower blood pressure.
  2. Beets boost stamina.  Drinking beet juice before workouts is suggested.
  3. Beets have anti-cancer properties.
  4. Beets are rich in nutrients and fiber.
  5. Beets support detoxification.




January 2nd

It’s sprinkling rain, warm and humid.  Unusual for early January.

Today was my best post-Christmas workout–so far.  I’m working off the figgy pudding and other gastronomical delights, that seem to have attached themselves to various parts of my physique.

New Years resolutions are not my forte.  Too many of them were broken over the years–including home exercise equipment that ended up on the front lawn with “free” signs attached.

Going to the gym, is however, something continued for over two years.  Why?  I don’t naturally like to exercise, but feel better afterward.

In the Name of Good Health

“Your vitamin B12 level is too low,” The doctor said.

“How could that be?” I asked.  “I’ve taken 1000 mg of niacin daily for the last eleven years.”

“You probably don’t have enough enzyme in your stomach to absorb B12.”

I didn’t remember the enzyme’s name.  The important thing, was that I would need to have vitamin B12 shots every month.

“Furthermore, my cholesterol level was a bit too high.”

That came as no surprise.  “Cut down on the red meat.  …Cheese, …Eggs.  Eat more fish and chicken.”

From the internet, Web MD, and other sites–those aforementioned items, were from whence vitamin B12 came.

To summarize–I’d wasted money on B12 supplements; wrangled a prescription for relief from nagging seasonal allergies; got poked in the arm with a B12 shot;  got sent on my way till next month.