Too Much To Do

Scattered snow skiffs
Boardwalks, sidewalks
Ice-covered, treacherous
Walking, driving
Everything took longer
Winter fashions
Showed off
By those so inclined
Old-timers called it
Slick ice–as if there were
Any other kind
Those awestruck
Sad, when snow
Disappeared after dawn


Snow Birds

Spread your tiny wings and fly away…

And take the snow back with you

Where it came from on that day

And if I could you know that I would

Fly away with you

–Anne Murray–


Every winter

Southward, they flee

From cold and snow

In larger numbers

Than the year before

Checkout lines stretch

From here to eternity

Restaurant reservations

Almost an impossibility

Can’t complain, I’m afraid

A few years back–this

Snow bird came and stayed