Daredevils & Angels

Ran back and forth

Around the town square

Behind the eight ball

Struck while irons were hot

Bent over backwards

To please themselves

Aligned with new moons

Something was missing

Sure Fluffy, it was all fun and games

Until someone coughed up a fur ball

Could you find this much discomfort

anywhere else–at any price?

There was a lesson in there–somewhere



Catching Up–Again

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

A thousand mile journey may begin with a single step, but ends with piles of dirty laundry, unruly, overgrown lawns, luggage to store away.

That’s the necessary stuff–not including the extras, getting back into routines, catching up on neighborhood gossip.

Embracing Ambivalence

Sometimes on my PC and laptop–something will start; something will go away; something I want to start, will fail to start.

Love sometimes fades, instead of growing.

Change comes before you know it.

Not feeling well,  but don’t show it.

I’ve got tunnel vision again.  At least, that’s the version I’m currently running.

Let’s get cracking–before I’m tripped up by my own two feet.  Like a hog on ice skates–not that I’ve ever seen a hog on ice skates.

My ice maker is hard-pressed to keep up this summer.  I need some hard-working words,  to work hard for me.  What is there to choose from?  …Happy Hippies–Yippee! …Cartoon cats?  …Words that rhymed with snivel?  There’s drivel and swivel.  Dull would fit right in there, somewhere.