One More Time, Now

Political ads went away, after what seemed to be the longest period of mid-term elections, primaries, primary run-offs, regular elections, more run-offs, and recounts.

Fast forward to the present day.  Sound asleep in my comfy, overstuffed armchair. It’s unnerving to be awakened by the same annoying political ads–only to realize they were part of a previously recorded favorite program episode on DVR.  If I were more tech savvy, such commercials would have been edited.

Television commercials are purposed to be annoying.  This Holiday Season there’s one particular children’s toy commercial, like indigestion, tends to stick around.   It’s for the “Magic Pad.”  Which, for lack of better terms, is what those of my generation would view, as an electronically enhanced version of the old “Etch-A-Sketch.”

Who, beside myself, wasn’t frustrated with the old version?  It was nearly impossible to write legibly using the two control knobs–much less draw pictures.  Mostly, I spent time turning it upside-down, shaking it to “erase” the amoeboid hieroglyphics on the screen.

There are no young children in our household.  If there were, they each would have one of these contraptions, with plastic stylus, to draw on lighted screen, in several colors.  Annoying as this commercial may be–at least it’s not about politics.


You’ll be happy

You’ll be glad

Light it up

With Magic Pad



Short Attention Span Theatre

I’m sure there are those among us that will be dismayed, because Santa didn’t bring what they wanted.

Stuck waiting for punch lines, because there should have been more, but, there wasn’t.

Personal electronic devices allowed us the “have it our way.” That was until advertisers and spammers worked their way around firewalls and roadblocks.

Internet “click bait,” has the same content as supermarket tabloids. You Tube videos are chock-full of pop-up ads. Included political ads recently–to my dismay.

Has anyone tabulated the percentage of legitimate telephone calls received during an average day–compared to telemarketer and nuisance calls? What would it be: 5%? 10%? 1%?

Recently, a city hall clerk in a certain state, refused a marriage license, because the gentleman formerly resided in New Mexico. The clerk mistakenly thought New Mexico was a foreign country.

Some Solitude?

There are so many things to interrupt one’s solitude. Where was that horrible repeating little ditty coming from? From a smart phone, of course.

Smart phones weren’t the only sources of unwanted noise. There were plenty of others. Loud thumping bass kickers, from the house around the corner.

Noise pollution is everywhere these days. TV commercial soundtracks are louder than those on regular programming.

Where can a person find solitude these days? Perhaps in the deep Arctic–or on Mars?

Waiting For Michael

Just when you couldn’t stand any more tropical weather systems, along came Michael.

Expected to become a Cat 3 hurricane before landfall. So far, I’m projected to be outside the Western edge of the cone.

Be vigilant, and respond accordingly, seems to be the normal course of action. Uncertainty is always the worst part. Nature has been known to pull last-minute surprises.

As of this posting, no plans to evacuate. Lawn chairs, barbecue grills, loose, lawn items will be stored away.

After Michael blows through, it’s supposed to finally be fall. I could use some fall weather and cooler nights.  All those affected, stay safe!

Headlines–You Heard It Here First

24 minutes on washer #6
Changed his name? Again?
Nationally ranked teams
Retained their places
Hot, humid, wouldn’t go away
Standing date for Sunday breakfast
Max continued his lazy ways
Wasn’t that what senior dogs were supposed to do?
Doggoned tourists–needed remedial driving school
Exchanged plant cuttings with a neighbor
Delicious grilled pork steaks for dinner

Hello: It’s Been Awhile

Labor Day weekend is past–after a nice visit with my grandson,
granddaughter-in-law, and Gideon, their large, boisterous, pup.

First rain bands from TS Gordon, just passed through. They made it out in plenty of time.

The storm is predicted to become a level 1 hurricane, by the time it makes landfall this evening. It will be west of here, but we will get plenty of rain, and some wind.

Locals are not panicking–although there was a run on drinking water at local stores. The power going out is the biggest concern.

Everything has been stored and secured.  I’ll see everyone on the other side of the storm.