How I Spent My Morning

Took three coffee cans nearly filled with pocket change to be counted and redeemed. Collected over a period of sixteen years, it came to nearly $140.00, which will come in handy over the next three weeks.

Later, waited in the repair service phone cue, since my internet was out. Waiting on hold, went as usual.  The experience outlined as follows.


The app store is available for your convenience.

My internet was out, how could that work?

Talk with a representative live on

Fat chance that would work with dead internet.

Have you heard about fast in home service with paperless billing?

A representative will be with you as quickly as possible.

I’d heard that promise too many times before.

At home phone service at lowest prices.

Feel secure with internet security from comco.

All representatives were busy, please stay on the line.

Had I heard about comco’s mobile app?

Comco’s help line, with social media team, available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

I just wanted my internet to work.

I could chat live with a representative, anytime on

Internet service from comco was the fastest, most reliable in the area.

I sure wish mine worked.

Why not opt for paperless billing.

At that point, all words muddled. “Paperless billing?  Gownless evening strap?”

All representatives were with other customers.

The mycomco app allowed for paying bills on line.

Our apologies for the wait. A representative will be with you shortly.

Comco provided the latest technology, to ensure the fastest digital speeds.

I just wanted my internet to work at any speed.

Many more ” representatives will be with you shortly, sorry for the wait.” Then the phone rang.

It had to be a foreign call center.

“This is Danica, how can I help.”

“My internet is out.”

“Have you checked your cords?”

“Yes, I’ve done all that.”

After I’d waited 45 minutes, she announced.

“You’ve called the wrong number.”

“Please call tech support at, 1-844-XXX-XXXX.”

On hold again. This time with terrible, insipid, generic music.  The kind of music, that required no royalty payments. 

Three bars of each tune, repeated until they became familiar. At 11:35AM the phone rang. No one answered this time and I was immediately cut off.

That was enough for me. After lunch, rebooted the Wi-Fi gadget in desperation. Surprisingly, everything came back to life. 

The Heat Is On

The air conditioning went out in the main part of the house. How long had it been out? Hard to tell because of mild weather. Yesterday, inside temperature was 81 and climbing.

Summer weather is here this week with temperatures of 85-90 F. Not to be left out, the spare air conditioner in the sunroom went kaput. The main A/C was under warranty. This repair will be on us.

Neither of us tolerate heat well. I have terrible seasonal allergies. This is the time oak trees pollinate.  The A/C will get straightened out in the next few days. Wouldn’t be so bad, if we weren’t sheltered in place.

A Mistake?

How could this random collection of thumps, whacks, scrapes, be best described? A flock of demented woodpeckers? An army platoon marching out-of-step? Movie stunt training school? A group of clumsy clog dancers? A basement under a bowling alley?

Staying home today may have been a mistake. A group of roofers are working on my house. With the cacophony, It’s difficult to concentrate on anything. The last time roofers worked for me was at a different location–and, I worked during the day.

Satellite television just went out–as I expected. Daytime TV was a wasteland anyway. My dog barked as the strangers descended on our home at seven this morning. He’s calmed down since. Someone could come crashing through what’s left of my roof at any moment.  I may be insane before this is over.

Honesty–Too Much To Expect?

In the shaded part of the backyard, I discovered several rotted fence posts after a late-winter storm. To my disappointment, a section of privacy fence leaned askew.

There were a total of six posts, that needed replaced. I replaced one of them yesterday. Chopping roots, extracting stripped and rusted screw heads proved all I could handle.

Then, there was the remainder of the rotted post encased in solid concrete. It was all I could do, applying leverage with a fulcrum, to extract it.

My wife took pity on me. She called several local home repair websites. One contractor came out this morning–his price was reasonable. He, then left to do another job, in a nearby city.

In his defense, he’d made a previous commitment. He promised to return this coming Saturday morning to complete the job. I hope he keeps his promise. Because, I want the job completed, and there have been two more contractors, wanting the job.

Sometimes Pictures Are Not Worth a Thousand Words

When searching for a home two states away, pictures can be deceiving.  We visited a home, that had obvious termite damage in the laundry room. Wondered what else was wrong.

Put in an offer on a lake side home–two years newer.  it was beautiful. The selling agent distrusted us because we were from out-of-state. She was insulting, to the point, we canceled the deal.  It was no wonder the house had been on the market for 150 days, if other customers were treated like we were.

Our home is now listed for sale. Pictures our agent posted are very flattering. Who knows how long the process will take? We have been very busy for the past two weeks.

Blog Stoppers

I wanted to blame something or someone. Access to WordPress on my main computer has been blocked since yesterday.

What happened yesterday that was different from routine? Windows 10 updated for three hours yesterday afternoon. Not fair to blame Windows 10 for everything?

That’s probably true. It’s most likely a combination of things–my firewall and Windows 10 incompatibility. This happened before and I blogged on an old PC for three or four years, till it crashed.

My grandson and son-in-law pondered the problem last year. I could blog on the main PC from May 2019 till 2-10-2020. My last resort, the laptop. As long as it keeps working, I’ll be here.

Bless This House

I should have known better. Last Wednesday I went to the home improvement big-box store. Both bathtub drain inserts were corroded beyond cleaning.

Why couldn’t I change them out myself? What could go wrong?

What could go wrong? I couldn’t believe you said that. With your past history.

The center part the wrench was supposed to turn counter-clockwise for extraction broke off immediately. If it was corroded outside it was probably corroded inside.

I’d been warned. The plumber will be out next Wednesday afternoon. Another lesson learned.  At least I only broke one of the two drains.

“Wooden” It Be Nice?

Why was it necessary to spend an entire afternoon making telephone calls?  Telephone calls that should have ended with the first company representative.  Why had the company not received requested information already sent?

Was it wrong to assume sent information was lost?  Lying on someone’s desk, ignored, gathering dust?  Like the old saying–assume nothing.  In future transactions, duplicate copies will be made, dated, with employee names noted.

It was a health related issue, regarding medication. There was nowhere else to turn. Wouldn’t it be nice if business transactions could be completed on the first contact?  Without checking, re-checking, repeated follow-ups?  “Wooden It Be Nice?”


Reality Bites and Bashes

I had the distinct displeasure today of trying on old clothes I knew wouldn’t fit. Shirts, slacks, work pants, some practically new, some never worn.

Because of my ever-expanding waistline. Enough already! I knew I’d gained weight. Why did reality have to bash me over the head? Waterfront Rescue Mission will receive a large donation tomorrow.

Perils Of the Digital Age

The good old days exist only in the minds of those that lived through them. This is the digital age–for better or worse.

For someone preparing to move, lack of newspapers for packing dishes and glassware, is annoying. Digital newspapers are of no help in this regard.

Oh, digital device please comfort me in my hour of need. I have no old newspapers, my neighbors have none. The solution: Blank sheets of newsprint–the same material used by old-fashioned newspapers, tossed in your front yard, before the morning sun arose.

Oh well, I had to pay delivery and subscription fees for printed pages. A stack of blank newsprint was less expensive. Maybe blank newsprint is healthier? Gluten free?  I’m feeling much better now.