What Did Lingonberries Have To Do With Anything?

Heads with nothing in them
Had lots to say
Why were days so long?
Why did all my friends
Have white beards?
No answers
Only groans–and
Excuses for puns
Stand up straight
For perfect pasta
Iraq, paper, scissors
Down bubble, half-bubble
Lingonberries were a
Big thing in Sweden
Or so, I’ve heard


Breaking News

I was bored in a small town
All my friends were bored
In their own small towns
Were you bored
In your small town, too?
Abysmal, but not unusual
In Anytown, USA
Mr. and Mrs. America
We interrupt this
Magical scene
For more primal screams
Confusion, delusions, delights
Live, in your living rooms
Endless power struggles
Ratings sweeps weeks
New developments
With more to come later
Your indulgence begged
Breaking news?
Small towns
Weren’t that bad
After all





Who would still be around
To pick up the pieces?
Scrounge through junk
Things, once important
Now, deemed useless
Control, a mere delusion
When that day came
Would there be cussing
And fussing about
Being inconvenienced?
Value judgements faded
About choices made
Sublimated in confusion
Seasoned by musty odors
From paper, books and furniture



He Meant Well

After everything’s over
The best that could be said
Was–that he meant well
According to unofficial
Polls, surveys–with
Applicable, caveats, disclaimers
Buick is removing its own name
From its cars next model year
Rumor has it–during a two-year
Transitional period, Buick autos
Will have T-A-F-K-A-B badging
You’re only as good as
What you’ve done lately


If We Should Ever Meet…

At random
Or, on the street
Were slim
At best
Since we
Resided on
Opposite corners
Of the planet
You’re on that
Side of the screen
Out there somewhere
I’m in here
Chance encounters
Were very rare


Looked Good On Paper

Sandwich generation
Played on rock piles
Squirrels circled tree
Trunks to evade predators
Words wrapped around
Page after glorious page
Returned to the beginning
Got to be rights
Didn’t have much time
To prepare actions, overreactions
Poised on limestone embankments
Dunce caps ready
Tried to act surprised


What If…?

Truth became untruth
Along debris-strewn
Potholed streets
Confidence bashed
To smithereens
Meaning, rendered
Second guessed
What if this or that
Happened instead?
Would outcomes
Have been different?
“What if” games
Short trips
To madness