In Search Of Lost Limericks

Donald knew
If he waited
It would be
Too late
His limericks
Fated to a drawer
Waiting for the day
When pigs flew
Impossible things happened
If he was persistent
He could conjure up
Something, that had
previously never existed?
His mind wandered backward
To when, knights
Rescued distressed
Damsels in castles
And performed
Other feats of derring-do
Then, Donald paused
To ponder the science
Behind everyday appliances

Time Standards

Red Rover, Red Rover
Send that missing
Hour, right over
The one, that disappeared
Last spring–except it didn’t
Really go anywhere
Other village people
Demanded proof
the hour would return
as promised
“It will get here–
when, It gets here.”
Exclaimed village elders
“Don’t ask us to repeat”


RV Blues

Tattered, untethered awnings flapped in the breeze.

Sewer hoses, sewer drain caps, dripped, unsecured.

Low-hung, hitch safety chains threw sparks from concrete pavement.

Roof vent doors bent at odd angles, opposite to normal ranges of motion.

Antenna left extended to catch theĀ  sixty miles-per-hour highway breeze.

Overall unsightliness “Undecked the Halls” and made me cringe.

Randy Quaid’s character in National Lampoons, “Christmas Vacation” could not have done better.