Plucked from the solar system
Straight to the trash bin
Why cast more dispersions?
Stop picking on Pluto!
Why can’t we leave
Well enough alone?

Who are we, to throw more stones?
Why plunder this planetary pipsqueak
When it’s down on its luck?
Planets beyond Pluto?
Is it true? Who knew?
Pardon me–if I’m not awe struck



“FU-EE-2-UU,” Mr. Charles Sandwyche said to the Lynnwood, NJ DMV, when his request for a specific vanity license plate inscription was denied.  “I was totally shocked–because it wasn’t obscene or anything.  It’s a violation of free speech–if you ask me.  They offered me “KA-BLU–EE,” “NUTZ-2-YW”, “EE-I-I-OU,” and “QAA-POWE” as alternatives.  Those weren’t anywhere near what I wanted.  So, I guess I’ll mope along with random letters and numbers.

“We try to give registrants what they want when we can, said Robyn Batson, Secretary of NJ Department of Vehicle Registrations.  We thought “FU-EE-2-UU” could potentially incite someone to violence.  Especially with the amount of road rage incidents these days.  Don’t get me wrong–I’m not putting any of that on Mr. Sandwyche.  I’m sorry Mr. Sandwyche was disappointed.  There were many viable and creative alternatives available. One of my favorites ones is “DT-DU-DOG-DU”–it’s humorous, and a public service message at the same time.  So far, there’s been no takers.


1-19-15, Lantz Walters, “Minute Newsbit”–Imaginary News Network©


Some would say it’s a milestone–reaching the 4000 follower plateau. I appreciate those, faithfully following this iterantneerdowell’s creaky, Conestoga, word wagon, down the dusty trail.   My efforts are just a drop in the bucket, compared to some bloggers. I’m not running a race; only trying to have some fun–writing and interacting with other like-minded bloggers.

Trying to hurt someone’s feeling in the process, is the farthest thing from my mind. And, at the same time–I shouldn’t have to feel like I’m walking on eggshells, for fear of offending someone. Normally I write, rewrite, revise, rewrite again–it’s an OCD thing. But, anyway, this is what’s on my mind this morning. BTW–what would a greeting card, or a termination letter for a blogger asked to leave WP, look like?   I know, it’s not funny–nor, did I intend it to be.

I’m not acquainted with those in question, or know the circumstances, but I wish them well.  Please, make this stop, before I break out in song. let’s see–I could do “Feelings,”  “Alone Again, Naturally,”  “All by Myself,” wait, here’s a good one; “One is the Loneliest Number.”  Please make up your minds–because, I’m retired and, do have other things to do–like going fishing, or playing tunes on my trusty guitar.


You say goodbye, I say hello
Is there anybody out there?
Where did everybody go?
Maybe their tongues are frozen?
Because it’s thirty-three below?
Maybe there’s nothing new to say?
Or they don’t know what to do?
And I know, that’s not true!



In the name
Of the God
Of Abraham
In one, fatal
Final step

Power seized
For the moment
Pain caused
For someone else
Perceived, as
Less than human

Only mankind
Can be such
A beast–to
Kill, those
Disagreed with

An impossible
Task, tried
Many times
Before, by
Despots, dictators
The desperate

Hard to imagine
It happening
Again, in the

Seize the
Moment, while
We still can
Because the
Pain kills
More every day