Hoppin’ Robin

Hopped on the sidewalk

All day long

Hoppin’, rockin’

Singing his song

Hoppin’ Robin

Caught some air

Hoppin’ Robin

Really didn’t care

Who was watching

Hoppin’ Robin

Didn’t care

That he had

The seasons wrong


–Image, Craig Roberts–

Rain and Labor Day Mondays

This Labor Day weekend has been a rainy one.

Because of the rain, oppressive heat has temporarily disappeared along with the sun.

The parade of beachgoers that cut their vacations short, clog the highways.

It’s been an opportunity to get rid of some inside clutter.  What good were pieces and parts of old solar yard lights?  After four-plus years, there was no guarantee they’d ever work–even with new batteries.


–Image, Pat Peterson, http://www.wkrg.com/