Take the Day Off…

Thank you.  I will–after mowing and trimming the lawn.  By then, my energy will have been spent.

The job’s done–three hours later.  Dehydrated, on the verge of heat exhaustion.  My fingers are cramping up as I write this.  I’m giving myself the rest of the day off.



Spam, Spamalicious Spam

It’s a Monday.  Not much is going on–a good time to check my spam folder.

Steel buildings:  There are three entries having to do with construction of steel buildings.  I already have a steel building.  That ship has already sailed.  Please, no spam about ships or sailing.

Free Animal Sex Pictures:  I was a farm kid–farm animals having sex wasn’t that unusual.  This, undoubtedly, went far beyond that.

Replacement Quartz Clock Movements:  Did I even have any quartz clocks?  Therefore, why would I need movements for them?

Recharge BatteriesPolice Flashlights:  I have several flashlights that don’t work, stored away in junk drawers.  Including gimmicky flashlights, sans batteries, that need to be shaken to work.  There’s a bit of genius for you.  A burglar breaks into your house.  There you stand, like an idiot, in the percussion section, shaking your flashlight to the beat.

China Business Sourcing & China Logistics:  Services offered at best prices.  This was not a new one.

Business Marketing:  See here for greatest press, now available anywhere and reasonably priced.

Anti Wrinkle:  Click here for top Vitamin C serum for body now at best prices.

Belk Coupon Codes & Discounts:  I was seeking this information for a while.  After 6 hours of continuous Googling, I got in your website at last.  I wonder what is lack of Google strategy; don’t rank this informative website at top of list?  Generally the top websites full of garbage.

What the previous had to do with Belk department stores was beyond me.  I took it as a backhanded compliment–even though it was purposed to separate me from my money–at least I wasn’t garbage status.

The “available at best prices” tidbits, were listed as, in response to “Pine Cones and Barbed Wire Fences.”  I guess spam bots didn’t need a connection.  Spam folders were good for entertainment if nothing else.