You never call–you never write

Maybe it’s because you’re so selfish?

Too much into yourself?

Who is this?

This is me–your blog.

You sound like my conscience and my mother.

And that’s such a bad thing?

If that’s what it takes–so be it.

In my defense–I’ve been busy.

Would it take that much effort to pick up the phone?

I worry about you–you know.  Not enough sleep.  Too much junk food.

Did you know you talk to yourself?  Especially when you make typos.

Aren’t you being a wee bit nitpicky?  Are you sure you’re not really my mother?

No, for the last time, I’m your blog.  I wish you would write more.

I promise I’ll write more–scout’s honor.

Good, because I’m not going to be around forever–you know.  And stop fidgeting.


I shouldn’t be intimidated by a new computer, but I am.  There was something comforting about the old one.  Sure, it took a lot of thumping to get it to work.  Sometimes it over revved like an old Desoto going up a hill with a slipping clutch.  The routine, shut in down for a few minutes, and start over.

The new one has the latest advancements.  Still more memory, faster processing, with thousands, if not tens of thousands, of  RAM, bytes, and terra bytes.  It’s like a horsepower race among computer manufacturers.  The touch screen is new to me.  Immediately, I flashed back to television screens, smeared by sticky toddler fingers and hands.  It’s an image I can never erase.

The really sad part–this device was outdated as soon as I carried it home from the electronics store.  That’s planned obsolescence at its finest.  Now, I have another outdated, working computer to give away–if anyone wants it.  Or, it will go to the attic–where unwanted, outdated appliances go to die.

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