FANCY BALI BELLY DANCERS (A Breakfast Table Fable)


Thanksgiving preparations are underway. It was a very busy day. A reprised post about breakfast.

Originally posted on itinerantneerdowell:


It all started when
Lady Alice became bored
At breakfast one morning
There came a voice–quite plain
From her royal bowl of Rice Krispies
Perhaps she should have listened?
But instead–chose to ignore
Thought herself gone insane

The voice was persistent
She gave in to temptation
Listened to what it had to say
I’m compelled to mention–if I may
Said the voice–it’s only a suggestion
Bali belly dancers are what you need
Take heed, to brighten your day

Lady Alice put out a call
Throughout all the land
For belly dancers short and tall
Belly dancers came from far and near
Waited outside the palace doors
There were bellies here–bellies there
More bellies than Lady Alice had ever seen before
Some flopped, some fell–some couldn’t dance at all

Fancy Bali belly dancers
Proved to be a catastrophe
There was a real chance
Bellies would be the death of her

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Wind Came Shreiking O’er the Plains

The annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage began early Thursday at three in the morning, and ended at eight in the evening.

A technical glitch prevented access to Wi-Fi for a couple of days.

It is customary for me to give warning when absent for this long and for that I apologize.

Yesterday, the drive to my Little Sister’s place was quite an adventure.  I was in the midst of a blizzard  that roared through the Midwestern plains.  Luckily, the ground was too warm for it to stick.

Today is Pre-Thanksgiving home made soup Sunday.  Could there  be such a thing as “Soupsgiving?”  Beef vegetable and chicken noodle soups are on the menu–hearty fare for a cold, clear day.

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