Password Mambo

Re-blog from three years ago.  The problem is not better, if anything, it’s gotten worse.  There are even more passwords.  Then, there’s the issue of password security.


Too many passwords

Cluttered my mind

For banking?

Bill paying?

I’ve fallen behind

Meaningless combos

Of letters, digits

Never remembered


Names, like





Forgotten passwords

Did the mambo

Mocked me

From somewhere

Out there

In cyberspace




Curses: Foiled Again!

Warning: For those with sensitive ears–a rant could break out at any time.  My main computer stopped recognizing Wi-Fi early this morning.  That’s the second computer in this household with the same Windows 10 issue.

The laptop went on the fritz over the Holidays; repaired by my granddaughter’s boyfriend.  He built a repair program into the software. It’s been used successfully, repeated times.  Too bad Arjan’s not available. My level of expertise doesn’t go much beyond turning these devices off and on.

In my opinion, Windows 10 and its inherent instability, have done more to sell Apple products, than any multi-million dollar advertising campaign could have ever done.  Why do my Windows 10 equipped computers continue to have dysfunctionalities with Wi-Fi?

Not so fast, villainous, dastardly Windows 10–I’ve still got some tricks up my sleeve.  I plugged a high-speed internet cable directly to the Ethernet port.  A temporary repair, but good enough for me.  So take that, and that, Slimy, Weasly, Windows 10!



Who Was Pookie Snackenberg?

It’s another rainy day after a mild winter.  The mosquitoes are back.  Outdoor plans have been squelched.

Racking my brain for topics to post.  Trying too hard, complaining about it, never worked in the past.  Tuesdays are traditionally slow news days, anyway.

Which leads to the question of “Who was Pookie Snackenberg?”

Pookie Snackenberg, was an invention of Jack Carney, fifties radio DJ for St. Louis station WIL, in the dizzy, high-flying days of AM rock radio.

Pookie Snackenberg, fictional teen hero, represented crazy stunts by rock and roll DJ’s all over the country in the clamor for listeners and ratings.  Pookie Snackenberg buttons were available at the station and sponsor’s retail locations.

In another publicity stunt, Carney asked listeners to pull tuning knobs off their parents’ home and car radios, so dials couldn’t be moved from WIL.

My late father-in-law must have gotten the memo, because the tuning knob on his pickup truck radio was always missing.

As a public service, when there’s nothing to talk about; or you’re in need of a trivia topic–remember to ask, “Who was Pookie Snackenberg?”  And, you’re welcome, happy to be of service.

Thanks For Everything and Good Luck

I have a new favorite breakfast spot.  Been there at least a half-dozen times or more.  Christina was a great waitress, attentive, courteous, with a friendly smile.

“Would you like your usual?”  She’d ask. We’d sit at our favorite table.  Last Sunday, Christina, was no longer there to brighten the morning.

It turned out, she had a killer commute to work–moved on to better things, closer to home.  Can’t blame her–crossing the bay bridge and tunnel, famous for traffic tie ups, was nerve-wracking.

Maybe it’s nitpicking, but her replacements had a lot to learn.  Starting with the difference between one slice of thick marble rye toast, cut in half, and two slices of rye toast, cut in half.  Breaking in new employees was a tough job.  I can’t help it–Christina spoiled me.

Christina, I don’t need you to come back.  Wish you best of luck and happy landings.  Will miss you on early Sunday mornings.

Little Pitchers

He “saids,” she “saids”

Without the “shes” or the “hes”


Yes–as in flabbergasted


No–as in disbelief

You don’t say

Didn’t that just beat everything?

Didn’t make sense

To little pitchers with big ears

Big ears–radar beacons

Searched for tidbits of truth

He said, she said

Meant, more to come later