Saturday, Weekend Review

So many memorable things, happened this past week, I shall attempt to summarize.

At the Naval Aviation Museum–conversing with a veteran fighter pilot, now confined to a wheelchair, about the PBY Catalina on display.  Also, discovered he’d served on the USS Kitty Hawk, at the same time as a good friend.

There were a few awkward moments with our houseguests–none that really mattered.

Overriding topics of discussion: misspent youth, giving in to social pressures, admitting errors in judgement.  Confession was good for the soul.

Not giving in to petty criticisms.  Realizing that offspring did things differently.  That didn’t make their methodology, wrong or right.  They worked hard to earn a living.

Balancing achievement with meaningful personal lives–they did well.

Two-hour feedings: a personal, family joke that I will share.

Happy Birthday to myself–tomorrow, the twenty-fifth of September.  I’ll be sixty-eight.  My web presence needs to be updated to reflect this change.  No hurry–I’m still sixty-seven till tomorrow.



This Week–An Update

The paddle boarding turned out to be kayaking.  I’m the family patriarch–and, as such, always the last to know.  A good time was had by those involved.  Dolphins were spotted in their natural environment.

Nobody in the family likes themselves in pictures–so, from now on, all selfies may be photo-shopped.

Biloxi–Gulfport, have been rebuilt, spit and polished, since my last visit post-Katrina.

Amusing childhood recollections, have been a popular pastime, during lulls in activities.  I can’t reveal any of them, for fear of retribution.

Playing board games together continues to be a family tradition.

There may be a market for a new product called, “Shadow Remover.  This idea came about, because someone I think highly of, related a story about scrubbing a shadow–thinking it was dirt–on the kitchen countertop.  I suppose, it was another, “you had to be there to appreciate it,” thing.

The duck boat ride, yesterday, was better than expected.  I learned more about downtown Mobile, than I’ve learned in the previous twelve years.

Dinner at Felix’s Fish Camp yesterday evening, was even better, than my previous visit during lunchtime.  The crab soup–a house specialty, was excellent.

Getting everyone together before eleven, to go anywhere, remains an awkward process.  Why should I care?  I’m the host–they’re on vacation.

I’m not into the selfie thing–will happily leave that to others.

Caught some flak about not stopping enough on yesterday’s drive–including from the “Shadow Remover.”  That’s a bad habit of mine.  If things are scheduled, I don’t want to be miss anything.



This Week–So Far

No, I haven’t abandoned ship.  Here’s what I’ve learned this week, thus far.

Doors that open, also close.

Lights turned on, can be turned off.

Old grudges can return at any time.

Sometimes one has to grin and bear it.

There are many different ways of doing things–different points of view.

Beach days should be taken advantage of when they present themselves.

Rainy day, finding things to do days, can be fun.

Paddle boarding is on the schedule today.

Tomorrow Biloxi, then the maritime museum, and Felix’s Fish Camp for dinner.

The rest of the week–who knows?


Unfriendly Skies

Everything started out great.  Sunny skies, the birds were happy.

Then, it all changed.  Old-fashioned thunderstorms with plenty of lightning and heavy rain, roared for four hours.

Unofficially, the amount of rain was between 6 and 7 inches.

The worst part was the electricity snapping on and off.  Not good for appliances or computers.

A little gift from a deep low-pressure system parked off the Texas-Louisiana coast.  We have guests coming in, they may find it to be a rainy week.