There can never…

Be too many

Tears shed

For lost loved ones

There can never…

Be too many

Sunny, carefree days

Filled with joy

And laughter

There can never…

Be too many

Moonlight nights

I could go on

But, I won’t

Because there

Can never be

Too much hope

There’s still

Too much to give

There’s not always

A punchline

At the end


The Anonymity Collectors

The anonymity collectors

Always affable

Willing to share

Anecdotes, personal stories

Receptionists with frosted

Dispositions–made them

Wait for nothing

But it was all right

Cross the wrong persons

Villages would burn

Prayed to forget

What they agonized about

Every hour of every day

Blessed were the meek

Their cries unheard


Coffee Thoughts For Today #humor #classictv

  • Blog threat level today is neutral or ecru (guys, you’ll probably have to look this up).
  • It is strawberry season once again–Yay!
  • Is there such a thing as bad memory foam?
  • There are an awful lot of comic book heroes.
  • It’s not always a good idea to share annoyances with readers.
  • Today’s weather forecast: “Sum, Sum”–autocorrect is on the loose.
  • You’ve seen the movie–waiting for the book to come out.
  • Do ants have picnics?
  • Did ear trumpet virtuosos exist in the old days?
  • Dream sequences are sometimes too weird to share.
  • To the “Meathead’s, Gloria’s, Edith’s,” with nothing good to say–“Stifle yourselves–You’s!”
  • Everybody fights hidden battles–be nice to each other.



Zeb & pelicans

“Maestro Zeb, with the Gulf Coast, Cacophonic Choir & Pelagic Orchestra”


ms. cardinal

“Ms. Cardinal shared her wonderful world with family and friends”


Between a rock...

“He hideth my soul in the cleft of a rock”


Hoppin' on a sand bar

“Hopping and hoping–on a sand bar”


dragonfly d.williams

“Escaped on the wings of a summer dragonfly”


St james episcopal church sc

“Prophetic ancient live oak arms, welcomed worshippers”


rocking chair

“Softly and tenderly–an invitation to come and rest”



–Images, *Frank Abbott Photography, **Lynn Jordan Photography, ***Craig Roberts, ****D. Williams–