In Search Of Lost Limericks

Donald knew
If he waited
It would be
Too late
His limericks
Fated to a drawer
Waiting for the day
When pigs flew
Impossible things happened
If he was persistent
He could conjure up
Something, that had
previously never existed?
His mind wandered backward
To when, knights
Rescued distressed
Damsels in castles
And performed
Other feats of derring-do
Then, Donald paused
To ponder the science
Behind everyday appliances

Time Perceptions

Low hanging clouds
Muted red, white, blue bunting
Thunderstorm laundered freshness
Parallel rails gleamed, bright, shiny
The church modernized
To multi-storied multipurpose
Urban decay apparent
Businesses, closed, boarded
For lease, available, in perpetuity
Buildings, once revered
Despised eyesores
Didn’t matter anymore
Yesterday’s classics, abandoned
With cracked windows
For who knew, how long?
Cryptic messages mocked
Sensationalism skipped town
And, the world hadn’t ended



Junque Extraordinaire

I know, four years later, this picture was of Mr. Sherman’s collection of curiosities.  It’s a head-turner, every time I pass by.


It takes a
Sense of humor
Some craziness
More, than a
Smidgen, of

Marching, to
A different
Drummer, to
See hidden
Beauty, treasure
Mementos, under
The surface

The whatnots
Beneath, the
Lies, the

From the Clutter Of a Disheveled Mind

I missed the era when euphemisms, metaphors, and, even, mixed metaphors proliferated.  It took creativity to come up with some of them–blind hogs, acorns; horses led to water; the art of catching flies with honey, instead of vinegar.  People talked around things instead of going straight for the jugular.

It was a dreamlike state–watching silent movies with captions.  For some odd reason–I knew when it would rain.  What to do when people ran out of crutches to lean on?  What would bowling on the moon be like?

You would be surprised to learn–as I was.  Prognosis, everyone was waiting for payday–it was only Wednesday.  The diagnosis was hypnosis.  What was that out the window?  It was a fog bow.  And, you didn’t know?  Open another box of “try not to act surprised.”

Eastbound, Down and Out

His reign was over

Everybody else knew

Poor whippoorwill would do

What nobody else would do

What others thought

Whippoorwill said out loud

Whippoorwill was a good boy

Made his mama real proud

Whippoorwill fell, got back up

Scoffed–it was just bad luck

If there wasn’t a God

Why was whippoorwill still here?

From One Obsession To the Next

It was fun, hanging out with sleazy puns

Until the euphemisms and acronyms arrived

Got into scuffles with exclamation points

All the other punctuation marks joined in

Disgusted by the pugilistic spectacle

Nouns booked passages out of town

Conjunctions became dysfunctional

Abbreviations lost all their brevity

Puns, absolved of responsibilities

Went on gargantuan spending sprees

Prepositions copped nasty dispositions

Adjectives objected to all suggestions

Articles scattered like dust particles

Participles dangled–tripped in the aisles

To the accompaniment of awkward smiles

While verbs hung out with Pokémon nerds

Adverbs sucked up all remaining words

All hope for today, faded away


Spam–What Spam?

The hero

Galloped away

In these nightmares

Where was Wadlow?

Who was Wadlow?

Horizon’s clouds distracted

From overhead cloudbursts

Hurry up–make choices

Spam, Vienna sausages?

Nice website–easy to follow

China import sourcing

Animal porn?–surely you jest

Good article–very useful

Untapped free entertainment

From Sir-Who-Gets-Spammed-a-Lot