Game Points

Lush brocade
Second decade
New millennium
Era of casual and denim
Leaves began to yellow
Age and mellow
Hard-gained confidence
Points of reference
Chain-link fences
Patience strained
To the limits
Pocket change
Reached for
A single
Concerned money
Or, the lack, thereof


I was hungry when I wrote this

Forgive me if it goes astray…

Hungry sounded so much better than angry and I just wanted to mess with your minds.

How this blog has gone on for four years is a mystery to me.

Some have allowed themselves to be controlled by anger.  Because of their subsequent, violent acts, some won’t see the beautiful sunrise this morning.  Eyes of the living will be  blinded by tears of grief.

I will not dignify such events by referring to them as acts of civil disobedience.  There has been no civility.

In these difficult times, it’s been a struggle to maintain a positive outlook.

A modicum of diversion refreshes the mind.  For that reason, a stuck dresser drawer is calling me.  Dremel tool & me to the rescue!

Running With Scissors

Little twitches, sons-of-snitches

Mairzy dotes and gravy boats

Recommended–never intended

Groovalicious rainbow sounds

Was I gonna’ wear that?

Some days wanted to sing and shout

Other days nothing  to talk about

Some days the sun shone

Some days it rained

No two days were ever the same

Played in several one-man bands

Wanted someone to understand

Learned to live–lived to learn

Never intended to live alone