What a Month It Has Been

Technically, the time period from July 4th holiday, till the present.

The weirdest, was the synthesized voice left on our machine one afternoon.

“Your computers, computer wireless network, passwords, are being held hostage. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx immediately, or your information, files, will be irretrievable.”

I wasn’t born yesterday, or the day before, either. Like other unsolicited telemarketing calls, it was ignored.  My important stuff is backed up on other media–anyway.

What You Don’t Know

Or, what you may not know. Phrases spoken many times over by TV news anchors.

If I didn’t know something, How would I know what it was, that I wasn’t supposed to know?

Furthermore, why would this unknown knowledge, be a concern?

I like making my own decisions about what’s important and suspect there are many others like me.

Tomorrow is the second, state and local, primary election.  There’s the possibility of more run-off elections before November.  Hoping for the best outcome–and no more mudslinging political ads.

Excuses, Excuses

Excuses went hand-in-hand with procrastination. Why didn’t you mow the lawn today? Sorry, it was too hot. Maybe, tomorrow or next week?

Nothing would ever get done if I succumbed to excuses. Procrastination was much too easy and I felt guilty afterward. Credit my upbringing for a well-developed sense of guilt.

The dog ate my homework. The check’s in the mail. I couldn’t help speeding, Officer. I had a cramp in my accelerator foot. Did people still use these? And did they still work?

Perhaps the reason so much work got done, on my part this week, had to do with a celestial phenomenon? Planetary alignment had been a favorite excuse–in the past.

Pluto aligned with the rest of the solar system for the first time in nearly a century, according to Avery Thompson in Popular Mechanics.

On July 12th, Pluto crossed plane of the solar system for the second time since its discovery. This won’t occur again for another 161 years. This was a unique opportunity for viewers from earth telescopes.

I didn’t know any of this happened last week. I was much too busy.  What if Hell really did freeze over?  So much for procrastination.