Working Stiffs

You knew
If you were there too
Sometimes serious
Other times silly
Someone complained
Several times per day
Days were too long
Didn’t dare take lengthy breaks
Long night shifts
Stared at the parking lots
Listened to piped-in music
“It’s tearing me apart…
Na, na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na, na…”
“La, la, la, What?, What?
Oh yeah, Oh yeah
Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, Ooo ah”–More “Whats”
And, another, “Oh yeah”



High horses tied outside
Entrance by reputation only
Silver spoons tarnished
Screen doors slammed
Scratch cooks winced
Secrets reluctantly given
Returned misery ten-fold
Until no more could be given
Gave them what they wanted
How many different ways were there
to make country fried steak with gravy?


Much Ado About Trivialities

What did the “b” represent?  Maybe, breakfast?  No, it stood for “burgers.”  What a letdown. IHOb, nee IHOP’s decision, to enter the burger wars was a real head-scratcher.

How will this play out? There’s too much competition already. They kept the “International House of” prefix.

Will they be offering burgers revved up with salsa, pizza sauce, blue cheese, jalapeno, and the like?

At the recent G7 summit, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s eyebrows, were the topic of conversation in some circles.  Were they real or fake?

Inspired by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle’s complexion, there were some that aspired to tattooed freckles.

On the home front, my dogs no longer sported their pouty faces, after monthly flea, heartworm, and tick treatments.  Forgive and forget.  That’s one of the reasons why I liked my dogs more than most people.


Faceless, Nameless, Entity? Not If I Can Help It

Friends of a friend attended a birthday party recently. For that, I am glad. Happy Belated Birthday, “Shirley!” None of this had anything to do with you, or your celebration.

Facebook has been in a bit of trouble lately. If anything is to be blamed. I’m blaming FB.  Facebook posted a picture using face recognition technology.  I have no desire for my face to be meddled with by FB or anyone else.

I subscribe to both Facebook and Twitter.  Twitter didn’t meddle as much.  FB suggested friends to follow–as did Twitter.  Friend requests on FB were generally from strangers with foreign names.  They were easy to delete.

Back to “Shirley’s” backyard birthday party. Sitting at a picnic table, with hands folded across his chest, was a heavy-set white man. He appeared to be enjoying the festivities. I’d never seen or met this gentleman before.

The awkward part came, when FB assumed, this gentleman could have been me. Their facial recognition feature had a long way to go. Wouldn’t I have known, whether or not I attended this event, some 1200 miles from home? By the way, their band was great.

I’m sure “Steve”–the misidentified individual–was an upstanding person in his own right.  Weren’t most middle-aged white men named, Steve, Bob, or Chuck?  We’re both Caucasian, both of stocky proportions, about the same ages. both wore glasses, both liked backyard celebrations. But, we’re not the same person! And, no offense Sir, I think I’m younger and a bit more handsome.

Road Glue

I’ve blogged for almost six years. Blogging is a record of major events for that time period. Even, for things found to be irritating.

Negative expressions: A nickel holding up a dollar; gumming up the works. Hopefully my efforts, have been neither.

The bizarre title has little to do with the rest of this post.  Other, than to say, it may have been inspired by the extreme amount of road kill seen this morning.  It’s springtime here, nearly summer, and critters are on the move.

Yesterday, my dogs were barking, carrying on about something in the back yard.  It turned out to be a black snake.  Snakes keep the rodent population down, and this particular one, wasn’t the poisonous variety.

Rain is falling in torrents.  The sun is shining full force.  A dichotomy due to the two combatants–spring and summer, fighting for dominance.