Why did it even matter?  This has happened many times before.  There were the original “Bo and Luke, Duke” boys and their replacements; substitutions for “John and Ponch” on “CHiPs.”

The latest in TV main character substitutions may be about to happen. Hawaii 5-0’s actors, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park are leaving because of failed contract negotiations.

I am saddened to see them leave.  Their characters were strong and appealing.  What would trouble me most, would be for the network to bring in different actors to fill the same roles.

How many different characters have passed in and out of the “Law & Order” franchises over the years?  And, the series goes on.

Was anyone fooled by the two different actors that played daughter Becky Connors on the “Rosanne” show?  Network executives, no substitutions please on Hawaii 5-0.



Anything Fun Is Fine…

Sticky notes

Stuck to the script

Unfamiliar rings

Not in the mood, rings

Among shooting stars

Sonny Bono, Sonny Corleone

Stared, blank stares

Shot for the moon

Captions searched for pictures

Mercy me–what just fell from the family tree?

Pratfalls, windfalls–Wasn’t that pitiful?

Felt woozy, losers couldn’t be choosers

Anything fun, was fine with me


Living Mood Rings

Molly was a planner

There was a plan

For everything

And everybody

Expressed thoughts

In vibrant colors

There was no

Night, no day

Molly never rested

On account of–there

Might be somebody

Somewhere, that

Needed something

Seth, was just there

For the beer

Or so, he said

It was just like

Seth to say

Annoying things

Just for laughs

Molly knew he

Would answer

For cruel remarks

On Judgement day


One Of Those Days

Have you ever had a day when good intentions went bad in spite of your best efforts?

This has been one of those days.  To prevent victimization by negativity, I’m taking the rest of the day off.

Even news coming from my workshop radio sucked.  Another errant motorist plowed into a local Mardi Gras parade this morning.  Thoughts go to the victims.  Sorry to think it–but, what the heck is going on with this stuff?


Where Is West Point?

Morning fog curtain has yet to lift–revealing the final tragic scene of a three-state manhunt.  If you drive a late-model Kia, chances are it was manufactured at the nearby assembly plant.

A West Point, GA motel is where fugitive, Billy Boyette and his girlfriend’s murderous, seven-day crime spree came to an end.  But not before the lives of four women ended at his hands.

Two of the victims were murdered, just for their cars.  One victim from a nearby town, murdered, while working in her front lawn.  I’m sure the victims would have gladly traded car keys for their lives.  They weren’t given the chance.

Were it not for observant locals, Boyette could still be on the run.  The white Chevy Cobalt, stolen from the fourth victim parked outside the motel, gave him away.  Boyette vowed to not be taken alive.

The standoff lasted most of the day, Tuesday during fierce thunderstorms and rain.   Investigators are still on the scene.  Boyette was his own judge and jury; took his own life as law enforcement threatened to break down the motel room door.

Monday, the rumors flew.  Where were the two fugitives hiding?  Nobody felt safe.  His girlfriend–I’ll not mention her name, because her part in this murderous crime spree will have to be proven in court.  Boyette’s gone, his cold-hearted actions deserve no sympathy.

On and On It Goes

Highway construction was the big news last year.  Errant drivers ignored the dead-end street sign and came through with everything from delivery vans to tour buses.

Normally a quiet neighborhood, this year two storms are brewing below the surface.

Notorious free-range pet parents are being sued for allowing their dogs to threaten–even bite people in the neighborhood.  What will come from this is unknown.  I hope relief is granted, and those in question will be forbidden from owning dogs.

The other problem–someone new to the neighborhood has been riding ATV’s on private lands and right-of-ways.  Muddy washouts will interfere with natural drainage and destroy wildlife habitat.  Some of this land is in a city park.  This can not be allowed to go on.–