Annoyance Factor, Code Red

Yes, I’m steamed.  Today, telephone solicitations hit a new low.

The day is not yet over, there have been a dozen or more telemarketer calls, that came up on caller ID, as from my home number. And, on top of that, gave my name as the caller.

These unsolicited calls, were ignored of course. I wanted so much to give the caller a piece of my mind. What good would it do to argue with robocalls?

I wish nothing but bad juju on the company, boiler room operation, or what ever sleazy organization, originated these calls.

Nothing Ever Happened Here–Until…

If I chose to watch nature, and how-to videos on YT from sunrise till sunset, nothing ever happened.  Nothing happened, until I wanted to do something useful.

“You paid too much for the visas.  Didn’t our daughter pay $15, not $50?  Asked my spouse.

“I don’t know.”  I answered.  “Those were the only options offered.”  I thought she might have misunderstood the price.

In an instant, the screen went blank. The manufacturer’s name symbol appeared, centered on a field of black, with the annoying round scrolling thingy.  It wasn’t that I objected to updates. It was the timing. Timing was everything.

During a tourist visa application?  Why not during a cat video?  No reason to complain too much. It had to be worse in the old days–when everything was done by telephone, or by postal correspondence.  Of course, nobody knew any different.


Ain’t Misbehaving?

Waited to back out of a parking space. Cars on both sides, right and left. Since some recent fender-benders, my awareness is heightened.

In particular, the car on the left, sported out-of-state license. If it mattered, from the largest northeastern state. I was in the process of backing out.

The white-haired, senior female driver, exited her car, opened the right, rear door with a thud against my car. Then held up my backing out while she unloaded material from the back seat.

“Why hadn’t I inspected my car for damage?” Asked my wife. The guilty party took up all the space between the two cars, made my exit nearly impossible. No damage was found, later.

With the family, a few years ago, at Disney World, we waited in a long line to enter the Tower Of Terror.  There were people from all over the US, and from other countries.

After almost an hour in Florida heat and humidity, “What are you looking at?  Stop staring at me!” Came unexpectedly from someone in the crowd–directed at my wife.  I didn’t let it go.  Would have been worse, had she been called the “B” word.

“I don’t know why you’re picking on my wife–or what kind of game you’re playing.  She’s the sweetest person in the world, mother of three, grandmother of four.  Aren’t we all here to have a good time?  Everybody’s tired of waiting.”

Tower of Terror compressed and decompressed my spine in rapid succession.  I felt like a human concertina.  This was supposed to represent a hotel elevator gone out of control.  I was glad when it all ended.

A recent news story about an airline passenger berating seat mates for being overweight, caught my attention. It would not have made the news, had the complainer, not made a public scene. Which resulted in the offender being asked to leave the flight.

Are there that many of us so starved for attention? So much so, that common decency is ignored? I’ll admit to being occasionally annoyed by bad behavior. I try to keep my mouth shut unless physically threatened.

Boredom Therapy

In the midst of a series of rainy days, it was quite easy for general malaise to become boredom, then all-inclusive griping.

What was there to do? Watching paint dry wasn’t possible. Grass and mold continued to grow with each passing shower.

Griping was something, once started, had no end. Last year, continuing into the current year, my laptop developed issues. Frustrating to me–summarized, in chronological order.

6-1-17: The craziness continues. Can’t search, even from home page.

8-5-17: Wi-Fi quit working–Oh, what fun!

8-6-17: Cooling system problem. Warning–return for servicing.

8-9-17: No internet. 8-15-17: Slow internet.

9-12-17: Still stuck in mud. 9-14-17: Ditto. 9-15-17: More of the same.

9-19-17: No home page. AOL briefly came, then went kaput.

10-23-17: Updated internet security, then everything went wonky.

10-26-17: After security update, frequently visited sites, couldn’t be visited. They’re suddenly not secured. Perhaps I should contact Mark Zuckerberg, as suggested, ask him to update FB security, so my laptop will work properly?  Fat chance of that happening.

11-13-18: Couple of days of reasonably good internet.

12-3-17: This laptop may as well be a brick–can’t access the ‘net.

4-20-18: Internet down since 3 PM.

4-28-18: I’m on line, I’m off line–which was it?

6-26-18: Overheating issue repaired. Slow internet, on fringes of wi-fi unchanged.

8-4-18: Sketchy wi-fi, but no searching.

8-7-18: My old friend “invalid network configuration” popped up out of the blue.

8-14-18: Briefly accessed entry page. 8-15-18: Entry page accessed even more briefly than night before.

I should explain–my laptop functioned normally in the house. Why did I put up with such difficulties? Challenges never stopped me before.  Maybe complaining had the cathartic effect I needed?

The Melody Of Life

The Wichita alignment
Was practically useless
Blinded by headlights
The entire mushroom army
Couldn’t fix this traffic mess
Time of day, weather delays
Not what you wanted to hear–you say
Not kitten on the keys cute
The psychopathy of the situation
Post-Holiday, Mardi Gras
Valentines day, Winter Olympics blues

How Could This Have Happened?

The butterflies in my stomach told me this wasn’t going to end well.

They were not at their usual resting place–secured on my ears, and the bridge of my nose.

Gusty winds toyed with my straw hat all morning long; slammed shut the doors on my barn.

Grass mowing, on an otherwise beautiful day, culminated with a mischievous gust of wind. My favorite “Farmer Brown” straw hat went airborne–right into muddy water.

I seethed with rage, for what good it did. How was I so unlucky?

Stagnant water and mud–just what I didn’t want, caked on my favorite chapeau.

With a deft move, I lunged for the hat. Shook off the water and mud. Almost lost my balance–which didn’t help to sooth my shattered nerves.

My glasses must have taken flight–sometime during the melee.  They were found, lying in the grass along the roadway, shattered beyond repair.

The only good thing, I was due for an eye exam. Which I will now do, a month early.

Another One of Those Days

The day started as usual. When I returned from walking the dogs at seven this morning, the doors to the sunroom were closed.

A bad sign; the thermostat near the A/C read nearly 80 degrees. Our patched-together HVAC unit bit the dust. After mowing and trimming the lawn, we holed up in the sunroom–which had its own HVAC system.

Technicians worked till around 3:30 in the afternoon.  All turned out well in the end–although a few dollars poorer. Chalked up as another chapter in the joys of home ownership.

What Would It Take…

…To get you behind the wheel of this new Chromemobile 500 today?  No money down, easy on the budget, payment terms.  You know you like it.

After car shopping yesterday, my wife and I were completely exhausted.  For the record, it was her idea this time.  Why was this process like having multiple root canals?  One dealership completely ignored us.  How did they stay in business?

I’m aware that I have “car-it is.” It was inherited from my father.  That was why I stayed away from car dealerships, car shows.  The first step was admitting there was a problem.  Confession was good for the soul.

It had been five years since my last obsession.  There was a slick-looking compact pickup truck my wife fell in love with.  She did her best to persuade me.  It’s parked in our garage.

What Do You Do?

At first I wanted revenge.  Spraying Roundup on something he held near and dear?  No, didn’t want to start a war.  Displaying tacky plastic flowers where my lilies formerly were?  Nobody in the neighborhood would get it.

My neighbor was a little too enthusiastic about spraying weed killer this spring.  He doesn’t yet know it, but his flowering crabapple tree is on the critical list–as well.  I doubt if he could tell a lily leaf from a blade of grass anyway.

This would make a good case for the Judge Judy show.  Out of three different types of lilies, only one was left.  These were on my property–there was no encroachment.  I was most disappointed that the ones, with three yellow, and three brown petals were gone.  These came from my daughter’s yard in Illinois.

Today was transplant day.  All surviving lilies were transplanted, far away from my neighbor, and his notorious spraying.  I’ve included a picture of how things looked two years ago.  The deep red and gold lilies were all that remained.  They’re, not in bloom, left of the yellow/brown lilies.

One Of Those Days

Have you ever had a day when good intentions went bad in spite of your best efforts?

This has been one of those days.  To prevent victimization by negativity, I’m taking the rest of the day off.

Even news coming from my workshop radio sucked.  Another errant motorist plowed into a local Mardi Gras parade this morning.  Thoughts go to the victims.  Sorry to think it–but, what the heck is going on with this stuff?