Some like, what others don’t

Some go to exciting places

Others, would as soon, stay home

Some have a lot to say about themselves

Others wish, they’d shut up already

Some want to be noticed, others want to be left alone

Some have a lot of friends, others just a few

Some have everything they want, others can’t buy a break

Some have a lot to lose, others have nothing to gain

Some have many things to do, others are incredibly bored

Some want to remember, others want to forget

Some are impatient–want instant gratification

Others are patient–don’t mind waiting

Some like brown paper packages

Tied up with strings

Others say, why bother?

That’s too much trouble

Who needs fancy things?



Plucked from the solar system
Straight to the trash bin
Why cast more dispersions?
Stop picking on Pluto!
Why can’t we leave
Well enough alone?

Who are we, to throw more stones?
Why plunder this planetary pipsqueak
When it’s down on its luck?
Planets beyond Pluto?
Is it true? Who knew?
Pardon me–if I’m not awe struck



“Maggie’s depicted on the left”

It was quite a conundrum
Maggie the Monster dog
Contemplated catching
One of the Crazy Cat Lady’s
Crazy stray cats–a disaster
That should never be allowed
Even though she could
Probably spare a few
Better, that she never knew
That could have been
Quite a catastrophe
I’m done–that’s enough
Monster madness for me