The Qualm Before the Storm

Throughout the ages, things were named

Things did what things were intended to do

Sometimes same things had different names

Some people had couches in their living rooms

Others insisted they were davenports

Diehards argued for davinettes

They’d be davinettes, till the day they died

No matter–they were still the same things

Served the same purposes

Some didn’t like current names for things

They preferred different, new “thing” names

New names–for the same old things

Other than being confusing for those familiar

With the old names, things still did the same things

In spite of changes in their nomenclature




If You Were Paying Attention This Week

Baby, baby, baby–where’s the giraffe baby?  Baby, baby, oh baby–next week, maybe? The same giraffe’s been pregnant since 2015–what?

A giant chicken is allegedly scaring folks all over the world-wide web.  Who’s afraid of the big bad rooster?  Not I, said the Little Red Hen.

The “human Ken doll” guy had a few more surgeries.  What’s a few more, when there have already been so many?

Wonder Woman’s new edition was up to her armpits in controversy.  Had she, or hadn’t she?  Couldn’t wrap my head around that one.

Some countries cared how their rivers flowed; granted them the same rights as humans.  If this was to prevent pollution–then, I’m for it.  The cynic in me wondered if they would be subjected to taxation.

Flip or Flop TV stars had more problems.  Meanwhile, it was announced which of our favorite shows would flip into next season–which ones flopped.

My favorite TV mechanic, Edd China, from Velocity’s “Wheeler Dealers” is leaving the show.  Saddest news since Jeremy Clarkson & Company left “Top Gear.”

Shaq’s world wasn’t flat.  That was just a joke.



When Summer Disappeared

While most of us would struggle to remember what we did last summer–those that were around in 1816 never forgot.  In 1816, following the worst volcanic event in earth’s history; in eastern North America, there was no summer.  Crops failed, as did other agricultural pursuits–causing famine and disease.

All due to the eruption of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia, for two weeks in 1815.  Volcanic ash spewed into the atmosphere and deflected sunlight away from earth’s surface.  It’s referred to in scientific circles as “volcanic winter,” or global cooling.

Could it happen again?  Imagine, billions of unhappy people worldwide.  I’m not qualified to comment on probabilities.  Nature does what it wants to do on its own timetable.  What I firmly believe–is that we are all stewards of our environment.  Clean air, clean water–some talk about it, but actions, express their true feelings.

The Sheepshank Deduction

Scapegoats, assumptions

More crooked lines

Than the Richter scale

Walk off negativity

Write your way out

Your royal gruesomeness

For most people life isn’t

One continuous party

Celebrities alone in a forest

were there no media coverage

Would they still make sounds?

Don’t let your collective egos

Bite you on your backsides

On the way out the door




Don’t Have To Believe Everything…

Getting depressed at Christmas is a real thing for some folks.

Secret Santa’s didn’t visit my house, again–there’s always next year.

This is the time of year when imperfections become endearing qualities.

Grandchildren complain about Grandma’s “iffy” internet service.

My dogs check the mailbox everyday, not for Christmas cards or letters, but rather, for scents from other dogs.  I suppose that’s what the Holidays mean to them–and all other days.

It’s the most wonderful time of year–as you’ve already heard many times.

I’m offering the following free advice to everyone this Christmas.  You don’t have to believe everything you read, see, and hear.

While my thoughts circle further round the drain–who or what the heck is Eddie Redmayne?

Have a Holly Jolly, non-gender specific, carbon-neutral, appropriately proportioned Christmas this year!