Curmudgeon’s Spring Lament

Spring peeper’s cheery chorus

Winter’s knocked to it’s knees

Not before unfinished business

Weeds sprouting from last year’s seeds

Newly hatched mosquitoes, gnats, fleas

Which brings another question to mind

If the frogs are so happy

Can the snakes be far behind?


Barn & windmill

Barn boards
Changed to gray
Livestock smells
Lingered, along
With mold and dust
Steel windmill
Skeleton stood
In silence, part
Of a dream
Some, fifty years
Before, a gamble
For a better
Future, an
Escape, from
Harsh winters

From, the
creened back
Porch, azaleas
Bloomed, trees
Promised leaves
With tiny buds
It was March
What were
Kinfolks, left
Behind, in
Iowa doing
This time
Of year?


open door

Osprey cries
Echoed, in the
Morning mist
With, frantic
Wing beats, it
Struggled to
Remain aloft, a
Two-foot branch
Clenched in talons
With, nest
Family matters
In mind

Two robins, quarreled
Then alighted, from
A nearby thicket
Tell-tale traces
Of yellowish
Pine pollen
Edged puddles
From last
Night’s rain
Grass was, still
Frost-killed brown
A sliver of light
Welcomed, the
Entrance of spring