Junque Extraordinaire

I know, four years later, this picture was of Mr. Sherman’s collection of curiosities.  It’s a head-turner, every time I pass by.


It takes a
Sense of humor
Some craziness
More, than a
Smidgen, of

Marching, to
A different
Drummer, to
See hidden
Beauty, treasure
Mementos, under
The surface

The whatnots
Beneath, the
Lies, the


Mississippi Moonrise

Moonlit tidal flats set a mystic mood four years ago.


Orange-tinted moonlight
Reflected, in tidal flats
Bi-valves gulped, through
Holes in beach sand

Bullied, broken shells
Unattached, sand grains
Drifted, with each
Ingress and egress

Capricious, waters
Continued onslaught
Until sweet truces’
Final sigh


Anything Fun Is Fine…

Sticky notes

Stuck to the script

Unfamiliar rings

Not in the mood, rings

Among shooting stars

Sonny Bono, Sonny Corleone

Stared, blank stares

Shot for the moon

Captions searched for pictures

Mercy me–what just fell from the family tree?

Pratfalls, windfalls–Wasn’t that pitiful?

Felt woozy, losers couldn’t be choosers

Anything fun, was fine with me



Loud noises, proud noises

Good noises, bad noises

Happy and sad noises

Nature noises, mature noises

House noises, mouse noises

People noises, steeple noises

Nosey noises, mosey noises

Gentle noises, sentimental noises

Things that boomed

Whooshed, swished, zoomed

Grinding, grating

Clunking, clanking

Thumping and bumping

Dripping, droning

Groaning, moaning

Squeaking, squawking

Cheeping, chirping

Hiccuping and burping

All day and all night long!

I can’t sleep–shut up already!!!!


From One Obsession To the Next

It was fun, hanging out with sleazy puns

Until the euphemisms and acronyms arrived

Got into scuffles with exclamation points

All the other punctuation marks joined in

Disgusted by the pugilistic spectacle

Nouns booked passages out of town

Conjunctions became dysfunctional

Abbreviations lost all their brevity

Puns, absolved of responsibilities

Went on gargantuan spending sprees

Prepositions copped nasty dispositions

Adjectives objected to all suggestions

Articles scattered like dust particles

Participles dangled–tripped in the aisles

To the accompaniment of awkward smiles

While verbs hung out with Pokémon nerds

Adverbs sucked up all remaining words

All hope for today, faded away




With red sombrero

Cool purple shades

A whimsical

Metal-sculpted frog

Led garden parade

Adorned with

Mardi Gras beads

Serenaded with

Long frog tongue

That doubled

As a trumpet

Among brightly

Painted flowers


Curiosities, and