Countdown to vacation continues. The glitches are popping up with regularity. Most are minor things, that seem out of proportion.

Annual wellness visit has been scheduled, for after my return. The one-size-fits-all questionnaire has yet to be completed. Those of you retired, and on Medicare, can relate. The questions seem bizarre to me, but are purposed to identify those with special health needs.

The fire down below: Kilauwea, on Hawaii’s Big Island, is again erupting.  It was readily apparent on our visit in 2012, the volcano never rested.  On our helicopter ride, the fiery lava could be seen in fissures, below the surface.

More work gets done before and after vacation, than at any other time of year.  Much more to do on this last weekend’s countdown.

Hawaiian Farewell


Goodbye sunsets
Papa Bay vistas
Farewell, warm days
Cool, foggy nights
Winding seaside roads
Snow capped mountains
Quaint coastal villages

Volcanic wonders
South Point
Waves crashing
Tranquility, of North
Shore meadows
Aloha, hello, goodbye
Until next time