Tuesday Before the Storm

Catch-up day before the madness begins. Yard mowed and trimmed yesterday. Today, Max the mighty mutt, got shampooed and had his nails trimmed

He’s still pouting, because I took him somewhere he hated to go. He’ll enjoy the trip Thursday. He’ll get to visit with his canine cousins, at our final destination.

Paying higher gasoline prices in Illinois, will be sticker shock.  Part of the new governor’s campaign promises.  Of course, the purpose was to improve roads/highways statewide.  Gas taxes were doubled.

I’ve never put much stock in campaign promises.  Four years is a long time.  Time will tell, whether or not, promises were kept.  One thing for sure, I will fill up the gas tank in Kentucky–just before crossing the state line.

Visiting with friends and family will be enjoyable for the next two weeks.  I don’t plan to waste time discussing politics.


I’ve been away for a few days, due to circumstances beyond my control.

The planned trip to the “Big Easy” didn’t turn out to be easy in most respects.

Sometimes complications get in the way of human interaction. That’s all I’m at liberty to say at this point.

New Orleans, especially the French Quarter, is gritty, grimy, and out-of-control at times. We took a couple that had never been–and they were a little shocked at the realism.

Anyway, we made it back–last night at nine PM. It’s been hotter than normal for this time of year. The effects of which were felt by all participants.

Too much activity packed into one day.  Good night!

Why Can’t I Get An Answer?

After being gone for an extended period of time, I tend to get reflective.

Elvis Presley’s “Why Can’t I Get An Answer?” still plays in the background of my head.

What was important to remember from the last three weeks?

Perhaps most important, is that, there aren’t always answers–only more questions.

Dignity can’t be taken away unless we allow it to be.

Confidence in one’s self goes a long way. I learned the hard way.

I hadn’t been around little ones for a long time.  Young children’s minds were like little sponges.  They watched everyone and everything around them.

Things will never again be like they were in my youth.  And, some of that’s a good thing.

Someone, once said, there is more work done before and after vacation, than at any other time.  I can attest to that.


Vacation Update

Still away from home base. Visited family in NW Ohio and scratched visiting the Air Force Museum off my bucket list.

Don’t very often take time to read books. Reading a book, given to me by my brother, about dogs and their special relationships with humans.

“Always By My Side” by Edward Grinnan, is a good read. The gist of it, we humans can learn a lot about ourselves from our canine companions.

Moving Ahead

Getting ready for a trip out of town. It’s supposed to rain as much as ten inches in the next three days because of a tropical weather system.

That’s making for additional preparations. Should I take umbrellas, rain ponchos? A towel to dry off our two mutts that always travel with us? All of these will be likely be taken.

A new pet barrier was installed between the two front seats in the car. Our dogs are too big to be lap dogs while driving. Maggie will probably still poke her nose behind it–as she tends to get bored easily.

Hoping the rain slacks off as we head northward. Some cooler weather, would also be nice.

From the Land of Green Lawns

After an overnight visit from Jack Frost, all was well in the land of green lawns.  No one knew there was a fire smoldering somewhere below.  I must go now and seek shelter.

It’s a good thing my wife is the planner that I’ll never be.  I’m a “grab some stuff and go” kind of guy.

This could be construed as sexist, so up-front, this is not an admission of guilt on anyone’s part.  Some people seem to insist on always having the last word.  You didn’t hear it from me.

Tomorrow is the annual Christmas pilgrimage to visit with friends and family.  I will be riding off into the sunrise.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all!

There were seven deer, eleven discarded beer cans, observed on my morning walk.  My contribution to anyone writing a warped version of The Twelve Days of Christmas.



S’mores, salty breezes, veggie burgers on the grill, sweaty people on the bus–what’s the smell that you associate the most with summer?

Bubbling road tar
Frizzy hair–not pretty
Dusty roads
Allergy sneezes
Smeared, sun tan lotion
Broken sunglasses
Family buggies
Full of beach sand
Poison ivy, itchy
Insect bites
Persistent weeds
Newly mowed grass
Afternoon thunder
Drowned out picnics
Wind blown, sun bleached
Summer vacation, without pity
Still better, than
Simmer in the city

sea oats