Waiting For Michael

Just when you couldn’t stand any more tropical weather systems, along came Michael.

Expected to become a Cat 3 hurricane before landfall. So far, I’m projected to be outside the Western edge of the cone.

Be vigilant, and respond accordingly, seems to be the normal course of action. Uncertainty is always the worst part. Nature has been known to pull last-minute surprises.

As of this posting, no plans to evacuate. Lawn chairs, barbecue grills, loose, lawn items will be stored away.

After Michael blows through, it’s supposed to finally be fall. I could use some fall weather and cooler nights.  All those affected, stay safe!

Hello: It’s Been Awhile

Labor Day weekend is past–after a nice visit with my grandson,
granddaughter-in-law, and Gideon, their large, boisterous, pup.

First rain bands from TS Gordon, just passed through. They made it out in plenty of time.

The storm is predicted to become a level 1 hurricane, by the time it makes landfall this evening. It will be west of here, but we will get plenty of rain, and some wind.

Locals are not panicking–although there was a run on drinking water at local stores. The power going out is the biggest concern.

Everything has been stored and secured.  I’ll see everyone on the other side of the storm.

During Your Absence

It never failed. When you were gone for extended lengths of time, things happened. When I was still in the workforce, you could count on major policy changes, on the first day back–accompanied by obligatory notes from the boss. It seemed vacation was the precipitating force.

Some unfortunate folks, did extra work before departure, to make up for their absence,  and catch-up work after returning.  Was going on vacation even worth the trouble?

Another house went up for sale in the neighborhood. Our neighbor’s wife passed away while we were gone.  It was too late to pay proper respects. There could be a second home for sale. My grass changed from brown to green and needed trimmed.

Tropical Storm Albert waited for my return, somewhere in the Caribbean, ready to strike sometime over the Memorial Day weekend.

Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?

Imagine if you will, drinking the liquid and gloppy stuff from your sixties lava lamp.

A bar in Australia featured colorful cocktails with gloppy liquid “floaty” stuff. I don’t know how they got the floaters to move randomly. Thanks, but no thanks.

Another tropical weather system is churning in the Southern Gulf. It may come here as a class #1 hurricane or tropical storm. This has been a busy season.

Probably will not evacuate. May put up storm panels on the windows. Losing electrical power would be the biggest inconvenience. In any case, this will happen this coming Saturday, and more likely Sunday. Wish me luck.

Rain, Rain–Hurricane Go Away

Nothing’s worse than a hurricane evacuation.  The worst traffic tie-ups known to mankind.  People have had their cars run out of gas in gridlock.  It’s a gut-wrenching decision.

Some with expensive whole-house generators and storm shutters, view it as a challenge.  Dueling with Mother Nature–nature always wins in a full-bore onslaught.  It’s a high stakes, crap shoot.  When away, hurricane news coverage reinforces the tension of not knowing whether one’s home survived or not.

I’ve been on both sides of the issue.  Once, because of my own ineptitude, and lack of adequate advance planning.  That was during daylight hours.  Everything seems worse at night–when wind howls, rafters crack and pop under the strain.  If there’s a choice, I don’t intend to ride out another hurricane.