Sunrise over Ono Island“Ono Island Sunrise”

families“Sunrise Family Breakfast”

butterfly“Sweet Morning Nectar”

starfish“Starfish Beach Bum”

water & sky“Hazy Daze”

magnolia river retreat“Magnolia River–Retreat From the Heat”

sailing“Sailing, Dunes, Afternoons”

Icy sea oats“Chilly Memories–Nice Ice Baby,” January 2014

Photo credits: Craig Roberts, D. Williams/WKRG, Lynn Jordan, Roger Reetz


goin' to the beach debbie williamsWith determination
And, an unquenchable
Appetite for fun
Little feet
Carefully trod
Warm beach sand

Blonde hair tousled
By ocean breezes
Kept, a watchful
Eye, on two
Carefully balanced
Water pails

On a mission
To build
Sand castles
Collect shells
Splash, in the surf
Sit, on the beach
And dream

–Photo by Debbie Williams WKRG–