No Secrets?

Answered a call yesterday. It was someone that seemed to know I was being checked for sleep apnea. Upon further questioning, they wanted to provide home screening for sleep apnea.

Necessary equipment would be sent via Fed-Ex to my home. After using the equipment for three nights, it would be returned to the supplying company. Then, I would have to give the data to a local physician for interpretation.

I’ve already visited a local doctor and sleep clinic, five miles away. Why did I need equipment shipped from Chicago? I already had the highest rated doctor and clinic in the area.

This past Tuesday I was tested for digestive issues.  They found a small hiatus hernia.  No, surprise to me.  I’ve had reflux for years, and take meds for it.

I thought, at first, this could have been the sleep clinic, with scheduled dates for sleepovers at the local lab.

How did the caller know about my sleep apnea inquiries? Apparently, someone is selling mailing lists? They knew of my WEB MD queries? Anyway, nothing’s a secret anymore.

Annoyance Factor, Code Red

Yes, I’m steamed.  Today, telephone solicitations hit a new low.

The day is not yet over, there have been a dozen or more telemarketer calls, that came up on caller ID, as from my home number. And, on top of that, gave my name as the caller.

These unsolicited calls, were ignored of course. I wanted so much to give the caller a piece of my mind. What good would it do to argue with robocalls?

I wish nothing but bad juju on the company, boiler room operation, or what ever sleazy organization, originated these calls.