From the Boneyard

H. H. Gregg and Applebees, latest discards, tossed on the growing rubble pile of failed/failing franchises. Regurgitated from murky waters of competition, public tastes, balance sheets drowned in red ink.

Shining new faces atop the trash heap, fade in relentless summer suns, until washed away into the recesses of memory.  Forgotten by most, except for a few nostalgia freaks, such as myself; waiting to spring out on some obscure trivia night.  From dusty shelves, some reporters reaching for ratings, will find fodder for another “whatever happened to?” story to fill a slow news day.

The cemetery of fallen franchises grows ever larger.  Still more are on the critical list–Sears and K-Mart come to mind.  May the fallen rest in peace.  I wish the rest safe passage on their way to franchise Valhalla.

Franchises failed for various reasons.  Why Outback Steak House couldn’t make it locally is still a mystery.  Speaking from my little corner of the world–what was with the proliferation of restaurants offering chicken fingers?  “To franchise gurus, venture capitalists, wherever you may happen to be–help, we’re drowning in chicken finger restaurants down here!”




please pay here
Boating shack
Silent, stoic
Raised questions
From the past
About success, failure
Turning points–when
After years of happiness
Things were no longer
Just fine–risk
Outweighed reward
Better to walk
Away, than stay
Sooner or later
Everybody paid

–Photo D. Williams WKRG–


Traveled, marched

Moved, stood still

Chilling, willing

Oftentimes thrilling

Patiently waited

Hurriedly left


Heavy handed

Payment demanded

Keeper of gladness, sadness

Purveyor of madness

Persistent, rampant

Enemy and friend


Marked chronological

Beginnings and ends

Wisely spent

Carelessly wasted

Slipped away

Never to return