The War Within

Idle minds were trouble’s workshop

Nothing good happened after 2 am

Extreme cold kept a lid on crime

Extreme heat caused crime to rise

If only everybody thought the same on every subject?

Wouldn’t living in snow globes be perfect?

Orchestrated micro-worlds, decorated with red ribbons

Swiss chalets and chopping woodmen–human-sized mini castles

Gingerbread cottages, carefully planned

to please the terminally nostalgic

Everything the same, every day for ever and ever

Nothing else seemed to work

Most wouldn’t  notice differences at first

They’d be too busy with Holiday activities

Condensed calcite fell in faux snowstorms

as if by magic–timed for every Holiday season

Until, shaken snow globe earthquakes became more frequent

More earthquakes, more and more snow

“It was efflorescence, not snow!”

“It wasn’t cold enough to snow!”

Skeptics shouted, wizened to their controlled environment

loathed the falseness–Holidays became an insipid joke

Outside celebrations forbidden

Escapes inevitable, although futile

Freedom zones were anything but free







Summer’s winding down

Local schools open soon

Europeans went on holiday every August

Why couldn’t Americans do the same thing?

Walt’s “Gasateria”–garish blue-and-white sign

Admonished passers-by

“Turn around–you almost missed it”

Down the road–a magnificent, white

Two-story home with wrap-around porch

Shaded by tall pines, draped with Spanish moss

Ms. Lulabelle Wiggin’s Bed-and-Breakfast welcomed visitors

Some claimed to not like Southern culture

Yet, they never hesitated when it came to

Pecan pies, peach cobbler, tasty barbecue, pulled pork

Their ample Yankee behinds–seemed

To like her front-porch rocking chairs

Working for other people–especially rich ones

Was quite tedious at times

Her spirit was never broken

Even though–she had plenty to say

Too many people went for cheap shots

They fizzled–then, they were done

Maybe they were so afraid of failure, they never tried?