Road Glue

I’ve blogged for almost six years. Blogging is a record of major events for that time period. Even, for things found to be irritating.

Negative expressions: A nickel holding up a dollar; gumming up the works. Hopefully my efforts, have been neither.

The bizarre title has little to do with the rest of this post.  Other, than to say, it may have been inspired by the extreme amount of road kill seen this morning.  It’s springtime here, nearly summer, and critters are on the move.

Yesterday, my dogs were barking, carrying on about something in the back yard.  It turned out to be a black snake.  Snakes keep the rodent population down, and this particular one, wasn’t the poisonous variety.

Rain is falling in torrents.  The sun is shining full force.  A dichotomy due to the two combatants–spring and summer, fighting for dominance.

A Soggy Saturday

My WP account was blocked last night and today.

It’s  going to be a soggy Easter weekend.

The rain has begun.  No outside activities today.

Spring began on a wet note.

Maybe some of the irritating pollen will wash down the drain?

Two years ago our sun room flooded.  Extreme rains are a concern.

This time I’ve secured a bilge pump.  Arrgh! anything happens mateys–I’m going down fightin’ with me ship.

For you high and dry landlubbers–Happy Easter!