Good News/No News?

“Look in the bottom freezer compartment,” She said.  “There should be some stuffed salmon.  You can accompany it with baked potatoes, and some broccoli for dinner.”

The Direct TV and NBC feud drags on.  The Stanley Cup game wasn’t available–along with the rest of the NBC prime-time line-up.  Get it settled.  Why should I pay for satellite TV, and for programming not received?

After menu planning, it was easy to tell the results of last night’s Stanley Cup playoff game. Not because of an action publicity still from the game, plastered across the front page, but rather a three-word caption buried in the right-hand column–“Blues Beat Bruins.”

Game summary available for those that searched for it. The championship series is tied–equal wins on both sides. By now, it should be clear who I prefer to win.  Every championship team needs a theme/fight song.

From secondhand information, the Blues victory song is, “Gloria.” The sixties rock-anthem, “Gloria, G-L-O-R-I-A?”  No, the disco-era, version by Laura Brannigan.

I’m probably not the best sports fan. It’s been fifteen years since I left the St. Louis area. During that time St. Louis went from three major league sports teams to two.  According to MSN’s sports commentator, “St. Louis Blues will win, if they continue to be as relentless, as they were last night.” Go Blues!


Stop Whatever You’re Doing…

What would Howard Cosell have to say–if he, and ABC’s Monday Night Football crew were still around?

“Well, Frank and Dandy Don, it’s a sign of the times that, this year, the NCAA BB playoffs are in direct competition with April, a pregnant giraffe, soon to deliver; nobody knows for certain, when, or if it will happen.”

“Down on the farm, Howard, animals didn’t need or want television coverage.  As far as I could tell, anyway,” Dandy Don replied.

“Frank, you’ve been unusually quiet on this subject. Do you have anything to add?”

“Howard, I’m staying out of this one.  I have nothing against mothers and motherhood.”

The clash of two media attention-grabbers is well underway.  The NCAA basketball playoffs, vs April the Animal Park giraffe.  The pregnant giraffe, seems to be winning so far.  April, could live up to her namesake–deliver in April.

As Howard implied, “Could there be a bit of jealousy between these two factions?

“I’m certain, that April, if she can hold up to the extra strain of publicity, is up to the task.”