Convolution, conjugation

Culmination, invigoration

–Acclamation, determination–

Gadgetry, tapestry, papistry

Frivolity, idolatry, poetry, piety

–Zealotry, bigotry, propriety–

Epistemological, psychological

Pedagogues and demagogues

–Monologues and dialogues–

Rhetorical and mystical

Metaphysical and empirical

–Semantic, romantic, pedantic–

Altruism, pacifism, enthusiasm

Buddhism, anarchism, albinism

–Darwinism, and all other “isms”–

Pendulum swings, hormonal things

Puppets with strings, golden rings

–Punishing, phrasemongering, pestering–

Fictitious, poppycock, if I may proclaim!

Mindless, meandering, who’s to blame?

I confess it’s all a sham, Sam– I am!