Time Standards

Red Rover, Red Rover
Send that missing
Hour, right over
The one, that disappeared
Last spring–except it didn’t
Really go anywhere
Other village people
Demanded proof
the hour would return
as promised
“It will get here–
when, It gets here.”
Exclaimed village elders
“Don’t ask us to repeat”


Ranting In the Dark, and Other Irrelevancies

Ticks, Tocks, Upticks
Just the Fax, Ma’am
If You Gnu Suzie
Gnaw, I Think I’ll Wait
Waiter, Fork It Over
Silver Pincers and Golden Weevils
Climbing the Ladder Of  Wretched Excess
Seizing Caesar Salad
Gloom and Blooms
Bluebeard of Happiness
Hark, Hark, a Spark
The Pint Of No Return
Shaving Money–How To Do It
The Uptown Express Bust
Like Nothing Ever Herd Before
Alas, Alack, and Fare-Thee-Well
Away, Away, Any Time, Anyhow

Simon Says (Grown-up Version)

Hard to believe it wasn’t you
Alibi so shaky, needed a seismograph
Up to your arms in elbow macaroni
In the midst of a drought
Only words can do that
Another well-known celebrity threatened to go silent
That was after he or she went silent last time
Read between the lions
Ghost or hologram? You decide
Stay tuned for the unsightly evening news
Newer, better, with more feature I didn’t know how to use
Two steps forward, three steps back
Hit the delete button one time too many
Prediction for 2018: More things will happen

So What’s the Deal?

Have you ever wondered why wayward wanderers were wayward?

What’s to gain from protesting intolerance by being intolerant?

Why does my nose itch when carving a roasted chicken or turkey?

Will there ever be a Fat & Furious franchise–if so, I’m in?

Today was National Middle Child Day, but nobody knew about it.

Why do Windows updates always take out my favorite things?

Are the roads not taken still available?

Why not drink the last drop first-wouldn’t that make it last longer?

Are introverts innies or outies?

Mighty Lightning Struck Out–Again

Began and ended

With sloppy sentimentalists

Duds fell with dull thuds

Hung on words with frayed threads

Whispered down wishing wells

Stayed so long as the chips fell in May

Skipped town till the bitter end

Nine-to-five fools focused

Annoyed at random, shunned attention

Those were old ploys, floogies with floy-floys

Which kids didn’t care much about these days

After adulthood weren’t much in the mood

Waited till humanity fell in the fall

Didn’t that really just beat all?

Non-participatory trophy wives clubbed

Staged no excuses barred grudge matches

With Herbalist the love bug

And Bradley love you bunches



Insane Word Games

Napoleon Bonybutt

Elfin John, and someone

named, Elvis Davis

in a bit of lunacy

stumbled over

stigma enigmas

walruses, stigmasauruses

the twinge–not, just one

there were two of them

they wanted three

lightning stripes

patterns and stripes

tried on for sighs

nothing too loose

nothing to lose

run-on sentences

ran on-and-on

last chance for change

missed–because, they did

everything wrong

and that was all-there was

Inter-Office Flyer #1723-92

The whole corporate world screams to be heard.  Doing things better is what we’re all about.  We’re Subtle–we’re different.  This is your chance to voice concerns about whatever is on your mind.

The latest operational updates are available on-line.  Department heads please call if there are any questions.

Last year’s company picnic was a great success.  We need set up and clean up volunteers for this year.

Vacation wish lists should be submitted before the end of the month.

Please call or make an appointment with the Compliant Dept. at ext. 2753


Subtle Apparatus Corporation