Cast Your Nets Upon the Waters

“A few words, a shrimp boat, and entourage of hungry seabirds ”–


Gus the Gull

“What’s ya lookin’ at pal?

“You got somethin’ for

your old buddy

Gus the gull

down there?”

“Come on, share some

just a little taste

I don’t want it all

be a sport, be a pal”

Percival the pelican

Was wise to Gus’s ways

“I’d like to have a dollar

for every time I heard that”

“Get outta’ here–skedaddle

you mealy-mouthed moocher!”




Joey, “The Pelican,” Marvin, “The Mooch” & Seagull Monologues


Look at me, Joey
I can’t believe
That, you’re still sore

OK, I did take your stash
But, I really didn’t
Mean anything by it

Don’t be such a square, Joey
Forgive and forget
Live and let live
Let bygones by bygones
I always say

Let me take a peek
Raise your beak
Just once for me
Come on–be a pal!

–Image/Frank Abbott Photography–


sugar babe

If excited
Could sing
About things
They love
It might sound
Something like this

Hail to the sun
Hail to the sea
Plenty of bounty
For you and me

Sugar Babe, Sugar Babe
We’re so in love with you
Pour some sugar
Sweet, shrimp on us
As only, you can do
If you ever go away
We’ll be forever blue

–Photo by Jason Taylor–