T’was the Season That Was

It takes a while to settle into the same routines after the Holidays. Max the dog is barking at a neighborhood stray cat.

I think sometimes he gets bored with his human companions. Especially, since his canine sister’s passing last summer. He enjoyed the companionship of his canine cousins while visiting.

Since we spend Christmases away from home, there are no ornaments to pack away. No gift wrapping, no cardboard, no live Christmas tree to discard.

What are some responsible ways of repurposing live Christmas trees after the season? Use them as windbreaks on the beach to catch drifting sand. Let the city grind them up to be used as mulch. They make great fish habitat in smaller bodies of water.

As a former active angler, catching crappie in early springtime was one of my favorite pastimes. Crappie love to spawn in and around discarded Christmas trees.

Local Customs

People on winding roads

with names nobody knew

didn’t want to be found

Their thoughts passed by

like gaudy billboards

so unlike, wonders

of the natural world

Noises–pyrotechnics or nature?

Big-city cynicism wasted

Fell curbside with other detritus

Never cared to get too close

Lived lives of their own choosing

Feared for the sanctity

of precious oceans and forests

Adapted when necessary

Then forgot everything

“Was there–anything to declare?”

Nothing–other than what they were

On and On It Goes

Highway construction was the big news last year.  Errant drivers ignored the dead-end street sign and came through with everything from delivery vans to tour buses.

Normally a quiet neighborhood, this year two storms are brewing below the surface.

Notorious free-range pet parents are being sued for allowing their dogs to threaten–even bite people in the neighborhood.  What will come from this is unknown.  I hope relief is granted, and those in question will be forbidden from owning dogs.

The other problem–someone new to the neighborhood has been riding ATV’s on private lands and right-of-ways.  Muddy washouts will interfere with natural drainage and destroy wildlife habitat.  Some of this land is in a city park.  This can not be allowed to go on.