Rainy Days and Primaries

Morning skies were bright red-orange. Weather radar indicated storms were inevitable today.

The worst weather possible for primary elections. Turnouts today, would be even lower than usual. Which would mean runoff elections and more trips to the polling station.

To make things more difficult, the new designated location was five miles away, instead of just around the corner.  I set out with umbrella at the ready.  The new location found, with only one wrong turn into a golf course subdivision.

The ballot was a full slate of candidates for state, county, and local offices. Other than gubernatorial, state supreme court, and a few county judges–the rest of the candidates  were unfamiliar. Not the best way to make informed decisions.


Oh, the thoughts that trample through my head when I can’t sleep.  Max, one of my furry children, limped last night before going to bed.  It was his surgically repaired leg.  This pet parent worries about his two charges.

Then, the rain started.  Not much thunder-rain fell in torrents.  Morning dawned, towering thunder clouds dotted the horizon.  No morning walk today–It will be a good day for reflection.

Maggie, my other dog insisted on going outside in pouring rain.  The purpose–to hunt frogs and toads.  She hates to be dried off with a towel–so I had to chase her down.  Max loves it–because it’s like being petted.

After that it was a spirited game of catch-me-if-you-can.  Max chased without the slightest sign of a limp.  Could he be limping for attention?  He fooled me.  And, it’s going to rain all day.


stormy surfOn gloomy, rainy days, there isn’t much to do but think about things.  I’m also sleep-deprived; because Maggie, one of my two dogs, kept me awake half the night.  So, in that sense, my filters are turned off–or at least, my thoughts are more muddled than usual.

My dogs are adopted, mixed-breed mutts.  What good are pedigrees to dogs?  They can’t eat, smell, or bury them. They’re only of value to human owners.  It is said some humans have pedigrees; they’re descended from royal bloodlines; are born into prominent families.

In that sense, human pedigrees are different; because they represent wealth, security, social status, political power. Pedigreed marriages are like corporate mergers–advantageous to both parties.

I’m normally quiet, reserved–hard to get to know.  I like people–when their agendas don’t get in the way; and their egos aren’t out of proportion.  Agendas don’t matter to the order of the universe.  Whatever humans do to upset it, the balance will be restored.

Human lifespans on earth are of no more significance, than those of bacterium–maybe less so?  Human posturing, screaming, chest beating at the Creator(s) of the universe doesn’t matter in the least.  The rain is coming.  Can you smell it?