Procrastination, (Hump Day)

Nothing like waiting till the last-minute to write something. Working better under pressure only goes so far.

Metal soffit trim on the YMCA building flapped in the wind.  Heavy winds roared, with rain and lightning.  Power could go out at any time.  How long would the storms last?  I won’t know till satellite TV comes back on.

GEICO, the insurance company with witty commercials, is running a contest.  Choose your favorite commercial and possibly be in a future GEICO commercial.  I always liked the “cavemen,” and “hump day” commercials.

Oscar-Mayer needed Weinermobile drivers.  If I were younger and needed a job?  No, I still don’t think so.  I saw a Weinermobile cruising down I-65, during the Holidays.

Vietnamese doctors saved a man’s life by administering 15 beers.  The patient drank beverages containing methanol, and was at death’s door.  Regular beer contained ethanol, which slowed the body’s response, to absorption of harmful methanol, until it could be neutralized.

A St. Bernard survived 17 days in Minnesota cold.  Everybody body likes a good dog story with a happy ending–I know, I do.

“Does anybody know what day it is?  Does-anybody-know-what-day-it-is?  Come on, I know you can hear me.”  You’d have to be a caveman, not to know, it’s “Hump Day.”





Special Elections/Frog Stranglers

It’s primary election day. There were a slew of senatorial candidates for both parties.  If there was no majority, a runoff will happen in September.

It didn’t take long to vote, since the polling station wasn’t crowded and the ballot was short.

Ballots for regular elections are so long, I think most people grow weary after voting their choices for federal offices. Paging through various district judges, referendums, state constitutional revisions, local issues, crammed at the tail end of the ballot–most don’t understand the issues and are tired at that point.

The good part, I did my civic duty before an intense rainstorm hit–a real “frog strangler.” Speaking of frogs–my dogs and me were watching little frogs on our flooded patio, swimming for their lives.

A Shout Out To Mother Nature

Kudos to Mother Nature for keeping the L-A-F low today, (see previous post).  The warehouse club parking lot, and store wasn’t at all crowded this Saturday.

That was due to thunderstorms and rain that followed  us the entire trip over.  It was worth the minor inconvenience of carrying an umbrella.

The free grape samples weren’t bad either.  Walked out with plenty of fruits and vegetables.  It helped, that we were hungry and it was lunch time.

Shopping finished in record time, and Tex-Mex for lunch.  It was nice being on Mother Nature’s good side.

Mock, Mock Away (The Sequel)

Mock, mock away

If you must–or not

Mock, mock, mock

Make it stop!

Stop, stop

Acquiesce to the rain

Move outdoor

Activities indoors

Do insane things

Wash car in the rain

With a bar of soap

Take a natural rain shower

With bathing suit of course

Sorry–I no longer enjoy

Long walks in the rain

Mock, mock–it’s

Not funny anymore