It’s Always “Too” Something

Today it’s too hot to do any serious outside work. In a few months it will be too cold.

There’s always an excuse to procrastinate doing something.

Reminded me of former work associates that didn’t want to work after getting paid on Fridays.

Never understood that philosophy. If one was already at work, that was half the battle–after first, getting out of bed.

In my defense, plans to mow the lawn went awry, after last evening’s rainstorms.  It’s “too” wet, “too” hot and muggy. I really didn’t want to do it today, anyway.  It had absolutely nothing to do, with it being, or not being payday.

Dear Occupant

Step away

From the nostalgia posts

And no one will get hurt!

Said my conscience

Try something different

Dear Occupant

Was as personal

As this conversation

With my conscience

Was going to get

Arguing with one’s conscience

Never worked before

If I were lucky, a truce

Would be worked out

Those were pitiful

Attempts at humor

Remember humor?

What about just a few more

Slipped in–now and then?

Don’t overdo it!

Here’s what always works

What always worked?

What was sure fire?

Self-deprecating humor

That’s what

Knowing you

You’ll probably

Overdo that, too

Tomorrow–Maybe Next Week

Find something to wear

Practice your best

Nobody cares stare

Shuffle through

The spurious

The surreptitious

The pugnacious

Fallen on the closet floor

A lifetime never enough

To say what needs to be said

Dirty old so-and-sos

All shook up–at a standstill

Tomorrow–maybe next week

This, that, some other place

Can’t be more definite than that