Nothing Ever Happened Here–Until…

If I chose to watch nature, and how-to videos on YT from sunrise till sunset, nothing ever happened.  Nothing happened, until I wanted to do something useful.

“You paid too much for the visas.  Didn’t our daughter pay $15, not $50?  Asked my spouse.

“I don’t know.”  I answered.  “Those were the only options offered.”  I thought she might have misunderstood the price.

In an instant, the screen went blank. The manufacturer’s name symbol appeared, centered on a field of black, with the annoying round scrolling thingy.  It wasn’t that I objected to updates. It was the timing. Timing was everything.

During a tourist visa application?  Why not during a cat video?  No reason to complain too much. It had to be worse in the old days–when everything was done by telephone, or by postal correspondence.  Of course, nobody knew any different.