pelican at weir 2

He scoffed at
Prissy, prima donna
Pelicans, that populated
The pier

 Didn’t give two hoots
About Linnaeus
Paparazzi, scandals
Or, General Petraeus

He was a real
Pelican’s Pelican
A true blue
Pelicanus occidentalis

Work was hard
Pay was low
Just another day
Workin’ at the weir
With a job to do

There were always
Tricksters, hucksters
Maddening marauding
Microcosmic space invaders

 To weir weariness
He paid no heed
No use to pretend
Wished, for
The day, to
Finally end

 Either, bring home
Fish before dark
Or sleep alone
In the dark
With ducks
In the park