Cow & Mockingbird

A mockingbird

Rode the back

Of a weathervane cow

In a mockery of scale


To point wind direction

The cow in an act of stoicism

Had nothing to say

–Image, Craig Roberts–


Rolling, Rolling, Rolling (Dung Beetle Blues)

There were lots of cattle on the farm where I grew up.  And, in the pasture were lots of cow patties.  My brothers, sister, and myself had plenty of dung beetles to watch for entertainment.  There weren’t any smart phones–or electronic devices to entertain us in those days.  A post from two years ago.


Rolling, rolling, rolling

Keep them dung balls rolling

Dung balls

Keep on growing

They may be

Full to overflowing

Roll, roll, roll ’em

You know

You can’t

Control them

Stay strong

Roll, roll, roll, them

Dung balls

All day long

Head ’em up

Move ’em out

Knowing there are

Larvae inside

Daylight Savings Time (Time Piracy)

Once again, clock hands will be turned back one hour this Saturday night.  The insanity of it expressed in a slightly revised post from 2015.  My sentiments haven’t changed.    

Aarrrgh!  Tonight, an hour’s sleep pirated away in the name of DST–it happens every spring.  I don’t like it, but will knuckle under like everybody else.  Why not have a tribute to honor the lost hour; or, at the very least, a poem to honor the occasion.

Everybody is welcome to join in, with silly dance moves and melodies.  I was thinking about “Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats, to get the party started.  A drunken leprechaun dance might also work.  If you know any drunken leprechauns–they’re invited.

“The DST Dance”

It used to be

It’s not anymore

It’s not there

Who cares?

One single hour

That became a bore

Ignored after midnight

Nobody cares

You can dance, you can dance

With a patch over your eye

You can dance, you can dance

Even if you don’t know why

You can dance, you can dance

Dance like you’re out of your mind

You can dance, you can dance

Leave that hour far behind