When the ‘Net Is Down

It happens with a greater frequency than it should. Who or what is to blame? My ISP comes from the local, embedded telephone company. There are other sources. I don’t like things that are overly complicated.

Maybe it’s due to a threatening weather front? I’m not a meteorologist. Even though, in the AF, I tried to be one.
The job title, “Weather Observer” was tempting.

What to do when the internet goes down? The same advice your parents gave when you said, “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do” applies.

Read a book. Go for a walk. Clean your room. Write something. Write to someone. Remember when people still wrote letters? Talk to someone you’ve been thinking about. Do what people did before the internet came along.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, off to the warehouse membership store I go.

Was It WP, Or Me?

Not being particularly computer literate, glitches confuse me. Yesterday and today, the WP platform wouldn’t come up on my main computer.

Was it me? Or, were there problems with their system? There were no problems with anything else on the web. I find ways to work around these little hiccups, that occur from time to time.

My oldest PC and laptop, still brought up WP. I’m still baffled, as to why I can only edit posts from the dashboard page. That’s happened for several months.

I don’t like to complain, but when I do–try to make it about something interesting.  Meanwhile I’ll keep plodding along like an old draft horse.